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Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Analogue Solutions Hyde Modulating Filter Desktop Unit

Some pics via John Walker on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge

You can see it at 7:25 in the Fusebox video here. It's part of a line-up of new "synth blocks". A mono synth with Curtis filters is in the works.

And some details via liquid sky berlin via Analogue Sulutions:

"Mr Hyde is the first in a new series of ‘synthBlocks’.

These are small table top effects processor, and later synthesisers and sequencers. Designed by renowned UK synth designers Analogue Solutions who have over 24 years in the industry. Mr Hyde is an analogue filter effects box use for subtle to extreme filtering and modulation effects.

SynthBlocks are used to process any sound that you feed into it from your DAW, Mixer or some musical instrument (with prior pre-amplification where necessary).

To give your plug-ins some real analogue hardware life. Mr Hyde has 1/4” input and output jacks on the rear, so it can be connector straight to a mixer or DAW audio interface without the need for adaptors. On the top panel are mini jack sockets to patch with a semi-modular synth, such as AS’s very own Fusebox, or to Eurorack and other modular systems.

Mr Hyde can change the sound in subtle ways, such as nice sweeping filtering, right up to mangled FM mayhem!

Designed, engineered, and hand built in England.

Further synthBlocks are already in development including
Dr. Strangelove, who will be with us soon!
Spec - Multimode 12db analogue filter, featuring Low pass, High pass, Band pass, and Notch filters. Resonance with Boost feature to make it self oscillator. LFO with Triangle and Square wave signals. Range switch, to bring the modulation speed into audio frequencies. 1/4” and mini jack sockets for audio / CV input and output. Small compact desktop site format. Will fit into your palm!

Of Course: Exceptional build quality - Analogue Solutions style!

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