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Thursday, July 06, 2017

MIDI Designer Pro Editing/Performance Layout for Korg Electribe

Published on Jul 6, 2017 The Drümünkey

"This is a short video demo of the new #mididesignerpro layout I created for my #KORG #Electribe E2.

You can download the MDP template here

*** HELP!!! If there's ANY kind soul out there in Electribe land that can help me figure out how to send a SYSEX message to the Electribe and have it send out the current value of all it's knobs & switches I would be in your eternal debt!!! ***

A few notes:

* Yes, the fisheye lens sucks, but my fauxpro is the only video camera I have running right now
* omg... I didn't notice the 'verb on the mic... I'm sticking to annotations from now on... sigh...
* Yes, often the focus sucks so you'll have to pretend you're Mr. Magoo and squint a bit
* This layout has a literal Shitton of controls, so it's a REAL resource hog. It works on my Air 2 OK, but it's a bit laggy. I've created a few version of this for my own use where I delete a bunch of the control that I know I won't use... For instance the OSC stuff. I use that for editing, but not so much for performing/jamming. Download and mod for your own use.
* I kept the camera running for a bit after I finished the demo part and just kind of jammed a bit...(~8:00)... Be gentle... I've only had the E2 for like a week..."

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