MATRIXSYNTH: Modular synthesizer vs LesPaul goldtop (braids, rings, ears, peaks, maths, morphagene)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Modular synthesizer vs LesPaul goldtop (braids, rings, ears, peaks, maths, morphagene)

Published on Aug 14, 2017

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Lately I have been experimenting with external equipment processed through my modular, it is turning out to be way more fun that i initially anticipated. :) on this one i have a les paul goldtop copy exciting the Mutable instrument rings.. providing very interesting results.

It is a very simple patch technically, Mutable instrument ears gets a signal from the Guitar which has a pre-driven distorted sound processed in the Line6 FX100 ( on the floor, not visible )... clean overdrive with no other FX. However I am controlling the volume of the guitar using a swell pedal on the same.

The signal then goes from ears into the MI rings, to excite the resonator, rings in turn has 1v/Oct sent to it on scale E and D minor in a pretty random fashion, but simple enough to play melodies on. The rings is then modulated by a could LFOs for some movement.

I am also splitting the ears output to a separate path, that goes into the morphagene for some sound on sound treatment that plays the guitar back in reverse with some granular treatments.

Techincally i have two styles of the sound which I am switching between by just controlling the output signals.

Drone sound is a simple 3xsaw that goes into the ripples first, whcih has a slow LFO adjusting the cutoff, then it passes into the uVCF which has a triggered envelope in the maths controlling the filter controlled randomly by the 2hp turing machine. So whenever the ripples is opening up, you can hear the uVCF bubbling away.

MI peaks is doing the drums, controlled by the beatstep pro.

FX on the drone is Keeley caverns, FX on the guitar signal path is EQD space spiral and transmisser.

On top of it all i am also playing a melody on the KORG volca for some moody ambience, treated by particle reverb algorithm in the ms-70 CDR FX.

If you become a burgonaut patron, you can see a video how this track was made + more goodies and extras from the BURG vault of secrets.

I hope you will enjoy it!!


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