MATRIXSYNTH: Syntronik & Yamaha DX7 - Sound Comparison Minimoog, OB-Xa, CS-80, Jupiter-8, JX-8P To SY99 & DX7

Monday, August 07, 2017

Syntronik & Yamaha DX7 - Sound Comparison Minimoog, OB-Xa, CS-80, Jupiter-8, JX-8P To SY99 & DX7

Power DX7
Published on Aug 7, 2017

"Syntronik is a sampled waveform based VST that emulates legendary synths such as Minimoog, Oberheim OB-Xa, Yamaha CS-80, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland JX-8P and Yamaha SY99.

As I can never afford (nor I have space to keep) all of those legendary synths, I bought Syntronik so that I get to play and learn more about those legendary synths.

As I’ve been making analog/subtractive synth-like patches on my DX7, I decided to put my DX7 MK1 against Syntronik with mighty legendary synths like Minimoog, OB-Xa, CS-80, Jupiter-8, JX-8P and SY99.

In this demo and comparison video, you will watch and hear sounds of the DX7 MK1 compared side by side to Syntronik legendary synths. Some sounds are close and others are different in many ways.

Although the DX7 can’t do everything that analog synths with a resonant filter can do, the DX7 can stand its own with unique sounds that analog synths may find very difficult to emulate.

I will take you thorough from very easy installation and set-up steps. I will give you a quick tour of Syntronik interface and legendary synths.

Yamaha CS-80 with a synth brass for UK Alaska Vs Power DX7 signature patch, Alaska with a natural flanging effect

Yamaha SY99 with bell and electoric piano Vs Power DX7 signature patches, Bell X2 and E.Piano (beefed up version)

Minimoog with Resonant stab bass & Resonant Sequencing Vs Power DX7 signature patches, Resonant Stab Bass and Resonant Sequencing. As the DX7 doesn’t have a resonant filter, it needs to generate all harmonics using its FM synthesis. This produces a resonant filter-like, yet very distinctive tone with a ‘Sticky’ feel.

Roland Jupiter-8 with Resonant Unison Lead (16 Oscillators stack) vs Power DX7 signature Resonant Lead with ear piecing mid range (no unison for the DX7)!

Roland JX-8P/ JX-10 with Saw Pad Vs Power DX7 Signature Saw Pad
Oberheim OB-Xa with Rush Subdivisions and Van Halen Jump Synth Brasses Vs Power DX7 Signature Rush Subdivisions and Van Halen Jump Synth Brasses

Oberheim OB-Xa with a warm pad Vs Power DX7, Earth 1, the mother of all pads!

To finish this demo, I include a brand new DX7 song called ‘Resonance Beat’ by combining various Power DX7 signature patches, including Bell X2, Resonant Stab Bass, Resonant Sequencing, Earth 1 Pad. Also it includes a new Bell (like a small bell rolling around inside of a glass bottle), a Resonant Filter Sweep sounds and another Resonant Sequencing sound with a formant type tone when played soft (yes, you can have two different tones in a single patch for the DX7!).


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