MATRIXSYNTH: 600円くらいで買えるヘッドホン分配器がMIDI THRU BOX代わりなってしまった動画

Thursday, September 21, 2017

600円くらいで買えるヘッドホン分配器がMIDI THRU BOX代わりなってしまった動画

Published on Sep 21, 2017

"KORG electribe2のMIDI OUT(ステレオミニジャック)からそのまま分配器で分岐し、その先を付属のステレオミニ→MIDI変換ケーブルで変換し、norddrumとmoog minitaurに接続。

中学の頃、何の知識もなく適当にMIDI THRU BOXを自作しようとして失敗した経験上、ガガガガガと鳴りっぱなしになったり取りこぼしたり、どうせ上手くいかないだろうと試してもいなかったんですが、もしかすると若い人とかは「そりゃ分岐すりゃ繋がるっしょ!」くらいカジュアルにやってたんでしょうかね。



"Branch from MIDI OUT (stereo mini jack) of KORG electribe 2 as it is with a distributor, convert it with the attached stereo mini -> MIDI conversion cable, connect to norddrum and moog minitaur.

When I was a junior high school student, I tried not to experiment well that I tried making my own MIDI THRU BOX properly, I did not want to be ringing and going out of my mind, I tried that I could not do anything, but perhaps I wonder if young people were doing casual about "Branch-over joke!"

Incidentally, there seems to be resistance entrance to the headphone distributor in exactly the same way as there are resistances and so it seems there is not so, with resistance to resistance (perhaps the level goes down, but it is more likely to be distributed equally?) Is used. Also, here we are sending only simple note data, so please be aware that if you send CC # or exclusive etc, trouble will occur easily. Since it is an inconspicuous connection method which is not guaranteed in any way, please try it at your own risk of lucky if it goes well. "

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