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Monday, September 04, 2017

New Gotharman PolySpaze Proto - Multi Timbral Synth

Published on Sep 4, 2017 gotharman

"Playing with my new PolySpaze in multi-timbral mode."


"4 note polyphonic/multi-timbral synth/sampler with analog filters, effects and sequencer

Save 160 euro by pre-ordering before 1/10-2017. First PolySpaze's expected to ship middle/late october.

Pre-order price: EUR 1.400,-

With 4x CV in's and out's included: EUR 1.700,-

-4 voices polyphonic/multi-timbral

-Per voice:

-2 Oscillators (8 total). Osc1: Morphable waveforms, samplings, FM to Osc2, PWM. Osc2: Tri, saw, pulse and noise. Sync to Osc1, PWM.

-2 analog filters (8 total): 24 dB HPF + LPF in serial. Both have resonance control and filter FM to Osc2. G-Ray feedback.

-1 Ring Modulator (4 total). Between Osc1 and Osc2.

-1 effects processor (4 total). Each of the 4 effects processors can be assigned as part insert effect or global output effect.

-1 VCA (4 total).

-1 LFO (4 total).

-1 Random Generator (4 total). Trigged by key or LFO.

-2 ADSR Envelopes (8 total).

-Stereo in and out.

-Play modes:

-Poly: The 4 voices polypnonic.

-Poly Bank: The 8 analog filters forms a filter bank, which the 8 oscillators plays paraphonic into.

-Mono: Complete control of all 8 oscillators and 8 analog filters in one huge mono synth!

-Multi-timbral: Complete control of each of the 4 voices. Key range and MIDI channel settable for each voice.

-Stereo Bank: Play back stereo samplings through a dual filter bank, formed by 2 x 4 analog filters.

-4 track note sequencer, 8 track control sequencer with touch control.

-CV in's and out's, and MIDI in and out.

-4 trigger buttons.

-Touch screen keyboard with Y-axis modulation.

-Morphing between 2 layers of sounds.

-USB for import/export of wav files and presets/songs, and for updating the firmware.

-1024 presets, 1024 songs

-22 minutes of sampling time / 256 samplings held in NOR FLASH memory. Kept in memory, even when switching off. Each sampling can hold up to 64 "sub" samplings, when the "Import Samplings As Chops" function is used, so the total maximum number of samplings is 16.384 (256x64).

Expected release:

-October 2017.

Effects present at the moment:

-Digital filter/EQ - 16 filter types and 2 EQ types. Derived from Fuzion.

-Chorus - Gotharman's special chorus with an added Deep parameter, that adds space to the chorus.

-Pitch-Shifter - +/- 1 octave, +/- 2 octaves or +/- 4 octaves. Adustable sense.

-Stretcher - Tries to time stretch the input signal, while at the same time keeping up with it. Impossible? -Yes, indeed :-)

-FM - Adds self-FM to the input signal in +/- 1 octave, +/- 2 octaves or +/- 4 octaves ranges.

-Resonator - Adds space to the sound.

-Distortions - 4 types: Valve, Sine, Fuzz, Xdis.

-Pitch Shaper - 1 input version of Gotharman's special Pitch Shaper, that forces an audio signal to play back at a specific pitch, determined by an adjustable frequency.

-Glitch Shifter 1 and 2 - Imperfect pitch shifters.

-Wave Shaper - Re-shapes the input signal.

-FAT: Adds up to 3 layers of the input sound on top of it. The Phaze of the added layers can be adjusted.

-Granulator - Cuts the input signal up in grains, that can be re-arranged. The anAmoNo X granulator can sync to the sequencer.

-Variator. Creates new variations of the input signal. Both pitch and rhythmic variations.

-Delay - Delay with time and feedback controls, plus Gotharman's Deep, Size, Beam and Xfade controls. Deep adds space to the delay, Size makes the playback range more narrow than the input recording range, and beam beams the delay to previously unknown places. The Xfade control on this delay, creates valleys between the delay taps. The more it is turned up, the more time the valleys takes up.

-Roto Delay - New Gotharman delay! This is a 2 tap delay, that is constantly crossfading between the 2 taps. When the Xfade control is turned down, the crossfading is rough, the more it is turned up, the more smooth the crossfading gets. Other controls are the same as the first delay.

-Bright Delay - First delay, but with a brighter sound, created by a resonator.

-Bright Roto Delay - Roto delay, but with a brighter sound, created by a resonator.

-Reverb - Synthetic reverb.

Audio system:
-Inputs and outputs: 24 bit, 44.1 KHz Cirrus Logic high end ADC/DAC.
-Internal: 32 bit, 44.1 KHz.
-Sampler: 16 bit, 44.1 KHz.

-Capacitive 3.2" colour TFT.

Power Supply:
-Multi voltage input. Output: 9Vdc, 2A, 2.1mm DC plug with positive middle. Exchangable mains plug, so it can be used in any country.

(W) 22 x (D) 12.5 x (H) 5 cm

0.9 KG"

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