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Friday, September 08, 2017

Vintage ARP8 Mixer - Model 1733

via this listing, in via Aaron Kwiatek.

This one was sent in via Aaron. Normally this wouldn't go up as it's not a synth, but I thought it was worth archiving. Via the listing:

"An interesting piece of ARP history, about 300 were made. Built in approximately 1980, an ARP eight channel analog console with a built in bucket brigade delay. This particular mixer may have been a prototype, or the prior owner decided to disable some of the aux functions. Stereo mix, the delay, and monitor mix work fine, but several jacks have have been removed (See new pictures). The 1/4 input on channel 2 is not taking signal, but its XLR is working fine. I opened the case up and they are still inside, some with jacks, some without. The board itself sounds surprisingly nice for its age. A little bit of crackle on a few of the knobs. I will include a DeOxit kit that I bought but only applied to the faders so far. The preamps sound quite nice to my ears.

Here's a little more detail for those of you that asked:

So, from what I can tell (no manual) the top jacks were additive into the various busses. So the far left "stacking" set, with "Cue Monitor Effects PGM Right, PGM Left" would have added into those busses. The remaining monitor jack does that, PGM L didn't seem to do much. The AUX 1 jack pictured does indeed work with the AUX one controls on the board, but I'm not sure which buss they come out of.

There was an effects in out that is completely unwired. I assume that would be additive to the delay channel?

The AUX Mono/left Mono/right (no jacks) I believe was also additive to the front control panel.

Also, noted, channel 2 1/4 input isn't working, but the XLR above it it.."

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