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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Rytmik Studio Seeks Funding on Indiegogo

2049 by Martin Linda (Rytmik Studio Demo Song) Published on Oct 9, 2017 Rytmik Studio

"A demo song created in the upcoming Rytmik Studio. Rytmik Studio is in development for quite long time. The new version of Rytmik is now at a point where we can accelerate development, and we need your support to achieve this. Support us at Indiegogo."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

You might be familiar with previous incarnations of Rytmik, including Rytmik Ultimate for iPad, Rytmik World Music for Nintendo DSi & 3DS, and Rytmik Original Edition (and here), and Rytmik Rock Edition. The Rytmik DSIWare teaser was first posted here on MATRIXSYNTH back in 2010.

The are now running on Indigogo campaign for Rytmik Studio. The following are some details including the updates to previous incarnations you can expect.

"Third Generation (2017)
Rytmik Studio. That's what we are working on, and you can now support it. The jump between the second and the third generation is huge. For more specific information, please see the list of features and the description of the internal architecture of our sound engine. We are currently developing this version for PC and Mac. It will be available on Steam in Early Access later this year. The final version of Rytmik Studio will be available in 2018."

"What is Rytmik Studio?

Simply put, it's a music creation software based around a beautifully simple, yet wonderfully powerful concept. It’s flexible, instant and fun. Create a basic melody in a few steps, compose a great song in a few minutes, and show your musical flare with a whole range of instruments and effects. Rytmik Studio combines a step sequencer and a wavetable synthesizer. All this is supported by a built-in library with over 1200 samples, hundreds of instrument presets and dozens of sample songs. The results of your production can be instantly shared online, or exported to more traditional audio file formats. Rytmik Studio allows you to set different permissions and save songs to the Rytmik Cloud for users to enjoy, from simple playback and rating to remixing and collaborations. Take a song and watch how it evolves as it passes through the hands of more composers and their creative input.

Why IndieGoGo?
We have been developing games and applications for over 19 years. In 2010, we started developing the music application Rytmik for Nintendo DSi. Over time, we added new features and improved existing ones. As Rytmik grew, so did technology, and we took advantage of the more powerful hardware that became available. The latest version, Rytmik Ultimate, is available for Windows, MacOS, Nintendo 3DS, and iPad. We are now currently developing the third generation of Rytmik: Rytmik Studio.

The community behind Rytmik is growing, and we have two clear objectives. Firstly, we would like to complete Rytmik Studio sooner. Secondly, we want to involve the community in shaping the development itself. In today‘s digital age, a togetherness of development and community is essential for everybody. The new version of Rytmik Studio is now at a point where we can accelerate development, and we need your support to achieve this.

DLC Supporter
If we can get at least 10 thousand dollars (our Indiegogo goal). So, all backers who receive the Steam Rytmik Studio reward will also receive Steam's key to the special DLC Supporter. This DLC will not be sold and will no longer be available in the future. This concerns the following Perks: Early Birds, Composer, DJ, Composer in Shirt, DJ in Shirt, Activist Composer, N-Activist Composer, Workshop, V.I.P. Composer or Philanthropist.

DLC Supporter will include:
A unique visualization when playing songs, if you plan to share your music on YouTube, you will easily be able to distinguish yourself from others who purchase the Rytmik Studio later
An exclusive demo song that only you can remix
20 additional free slots for Rytmik Cloud

Why choose Rytmik Studio?
Most of the current music programs are very complex and deep. This is typically reflected in relatively high prices, and often in usability and steep learning curves.

We are heralding the return to the simplicity and playfulness of the first musical programs. Compact control and drag & drop mechanics make it easy to learn and, importantly, to learn quickly. As in previous versions, Rytmik Studio is once again a unique tool for creating chiptunes, game soundtracks, and electronic music. Thanks to the new Rytmik Live mode, Rytmik Studio can now also be used for actual performance purposes.

Rytmik Studio is basically “building blocks” for music. We have built an accessible music kit that overcomes limiting factors, and makes discovering new procedures a pleasure. Even a beginner can rapidly join the fun with ready-made clips, easily-changed parameters, and the ability to edit existing.

In addition, Rytmik Studio also allows professionals to delve deeper and create a stunning, complex song, completely managing the parameters of a flexible synthesizer and sound engine.

Backward compatibility with Rytmik Ultimate allows you to open a song created in the previous version and enhance it with new features.

Rytmik Studio isn’t intended to compete with software used by major recording studios. Instead, by using modern technology, Rytmik brings back the days when music creation was fun. Rytmik Studio will be simply COOL!

Rytmik Features
Basic features (for Rytmik Ultimate and Rytmik Studio)
Wavetable Synth – The core of the sound engine is a wavetable synthesizer that generates audio by playing sound samples. Rytmik incorporates 16 of these synthesizers.
Drawable Waveform Synth – The wavetable synth enables users to draw short customized samples for unique results.
Over 1200 Instrument Samples – drums, bass, percussion, guitars, strings, pianos, melodic instruments, synthetic instruments, pads, vocals, effects, and much more.
Step Sequencer – The workspace in Rytmik consists of “clips”. In each clip there are four instruments, along with the note sequences assigned to them. Four clips can play simultaneously. Clips can be assembled into tracks, and are easily moved and copied using intuitive drag & drop technique – as simple as building blocks for music.
Modulation Parameters – Every note in the Step Sequencer can determine the pitch and volume of the tone, and can additionally control up to three other parameters of the synthesizer.
Sound Effects – Easily implement sound-changing effects with ADSR Envelope, Glide, Digital Delay, Noise Shaper, Sample Offset and Loop Definition.
Selection of Sample Songs – Play, analyze, modify and enjoy!
Export – Save your finished songs in WAV and MP3 formats.
Sharing via Rytmik Cloud – Instantly share Rytmik songs with a community of users and gain access to thousands of other songs. With management tools and a range of permission settings, songs can be locked down or completely open, allowing for a creative world of musical exploration, solo remixing, group collaborations, and much more. Discover, play and rate songs all across the Rytmik Charts.
NEW in Rytmik Studio
Advanced Sound Effects – Fine and dramatic sound editing with EQ3, Resonant Filter, Drive, Bright, Modelay, Modulation Matrix, 2× ADSR and 2× LFO with optional target modulation, 4× Send, and Sidechain Compression. ADSR envelopes and LFOs can continuously change a variety of instrument and effect parameters.
Automation – Draw automation curves within songs that smoothly control instruments and effects.
Instrument Presets – Play with an advanced synth! Choose from hundreds of named presets across multiple categories, and create all-new custom presets.

MIDI Input – Rytmik is compatible with standard MIDI keyboards.
Sidechain – A must-have tool, especially for contemporary dance and electronic music. Automatically muffle one sound with another (such as a bass with a kick drum). Using these tools makes effects like the “pulsing” in dance music very quick and easy to produce in Rytmik Studio.
Global Sound Effects – Using the 2× Stereo Reverb, 2× Stereo Delay, Master EQ and Limiter, each instrument can be sent into two reverbs and two delays. From short and simple sound you can create a long vibrant range, or simply deliver the drum width and space. The final output of the sound engine can be further adjusted by the equalizer. Dynamics is controlled by a limiter (also works in multiband mode).
Custom Samples – Rytmik Studio includes a generous number of samples, and also allows you to import new ones freely. Record vocals, instruments and other sources, and seamlessly add these samples into the custom library.
Live Performance – Rytmik Studio Live Mode is specially designed for stage performance. Quickly and dynamically change and control songs play, and take full control of effects directly on groups of instruments."

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