MATRIXSYNTH: The NDLR - a MODULATION demo with easy to see and hear notes

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The NDLR - a MODULATION demo with easy to see and hear notes

Published on Oct 3, 2017 Conductive Labs

"We are using an iPAD app called midiLFO to modulated The NDLR's PAD settings using MIDI CC messages. We plugged the iPAD into The NDLR using a 5 Pin MIDI cable. The midiLFO app MIDI output is set to channel 16 and so is the NDLR CC Cntrl input (set in the MIDI menu). There are 3 MIDI CC "LFOs" going at the same time, modulating three different PAD parameters on the NDLR, Position, Range, & Velocity. Most all NDLR feature values are available via CC messages.

In addition to receiving MIDI CC messages, this functionality will also be built in to The NDLR through the modulation matrix. The NDLR has 3 MIDI LFOs and 2 Probability sources. These sources can be mapped internally to most all NDLR feature values and externally to MIDI CC destinations for modulating synth parameters like filter cutoff & PWM, etc. Please see the menu graphics on the Kickstarter page for the Mod Matrix options."

Note The NDLR has reached funding goals on kickstarter.


  1. Thanks for covering The NDLR Kickstarter on MATRIXSYNTH! We are at 107% of the goal, we are going to make this thing!

    1. Very cool! You are welcome!



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