MATRIXSYNTH: Hawkeye - Patch of Light (live MBLoopa & Synths)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hawkeye - Patch of Light (live MBLoopa & Synths)

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Maelstroem3

"A little techdemo/song of what is possible with the MBLoopA v2, a MIDI sequencer, that will be hopefully openly available as a DIY project in spring 2018! :-)

Features: 6 polynote channels with stepbased or unquantized note data, eight "scenes" (here used for transposing) and note editing, visual/graphical clip/note display and measure-synchronized muting/unmuting of tracks and scene switching, all running on a tiny 192kb ram microcontroller and a rather nice 256x64px OLED using the great MIDIbox hardware platform!

Synths and gear used:
* Alesis Andromeda for the intro lead
* Moog LP/MFB Dominion hard left/right mapped for the bassline
* Roland JD 990 for delay lead
* Yamaha FS1R for the kickdrum
* E-MU E6400 Ultra for drums
* Strymon Timeline/BigSky and a DIY Polivoks VCF for the phasing effect

Everything was recorded live to a Tascam wavegrabber, no DAW or other sequencer was abused during recording, only used a "real" computer for audio compression after the session :-).

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching and listening!
Many greets,
Hawkeye/Maelstroem Records"

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