MATRIXSYNTH: Planar (Telharmonic, Clouds, TB-03)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Planar (Telharmonic, Clouds, TB-03)

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Tape Ghost

"My first video with a new modular I just built. I wanted to build a system that was desktop synth sized and was designed around a specific sound design goal. I wanted something with additive synthesis and that was excellent for drones, textures, and ambiences. The result is a 4U, 42HP system with Mutable Instruments Ears and Clouds, Make Noise Telharmonic as the voice, LXD for filtering and Low Pass Gate enveloping, 2HP VCA for vca duties, and some Pulp Logic tiles for LFOs, Envelops, Attenuation/Offset, and Mixing. The case is from Pulp Logic as well.

The patch in this video has the TB-03 running into the mixer on the modular, and the output of the mixer runs into the input on clouds. The Telharmonic noise out is going into the top LPG on the LXD, and it is being enveloped by the output signal of Ears, then the LXD output is sent to the mixer (thats how i get the snare drum sounds when i tap the case), the P output of the Telharmonic is sent to the other LPG on the LXD and the gate out on the TB-03 sends a gate to the Strike Input of the LXD. That output is then sent into the VCA to be scaled down to the volume level of the TB-03 and then sent into the mixer. The Telharmonic is in the Shift Register Mode, with the TB-03 gate being sent to the D-Gate, and the Degree is being swept by an LFO. There is also an LFO being sent to the Size on the Clouds to prevent Clouds from becoming too resonant. Output goes directly from Clouds stereo out to a Zoom H4N field Recorder. Only limiting was applied in post."

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