MATRIXSYNTH: 2018 01 02 - rare signs // Mutable Ears + Rings Eurorack jam

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

2018 01 02 - rare signs // Mutable Ears + Rings Eurorack jam

Published on Jan 2, 2018 Yann Guillermou

"First patch with Mutable Instruments' Ears, it pairs so well with Rings!

In this patch I tried to make use of Harmonàig's CV input for chord type, instead of sticking to a key. Tried Frames' sequencer mode as well (by the way the manual says you can create up to 20 frames but with precision you can actually reach 31). Frames' channels sequence Harmonàig's root (ch. 1), chord type (ch. 2), inversion (ch. 3) and voicing (ch. 4). I had to use René's logic (AND) to block the clock with Pressure Points so that my sequence lasts 32 steps (couldn't create 32 frames in Frames despite hours spent programming the sequence). You CAN create rather long sequences over several keys with Frames + Harmonàig, without any external sequencer :)

Ears' out is providing Rings the exciters, and is sent to the Phonogene in broken echo mode (speed modulated by Batumi), and to the Echophon.
Ears is also providing an envelope that goes through Maths' channel 1 to Ring's brightness, and a gate to Maths' channel 4 which generates an envelope for the Bass (DPO with slight folding, pitch controlled by Harmonàig's root output).

Harmonàig's output are sent to a sequential switch to create the arpeggios that Rings plays when I hit the case.

Braids is sent to the Phonogene to create some textures.

Besides being used to switch off the signal clocking Frames, Pressure Points controls Braids' waveform and the Echophon's dry/wet balance and feedback.

Kick: Dark Energy.
Snare: Tiptop SD808.
Hi-hat-like: noise to Optomix.

The title is just an anagram for "ears rings" :)

Yes, it's an Atari ST in the back, if you wanna check my chiptunes they're there : ;)

Massive thanks to Jozef for lending the camera!

Happy new year, happy whatever!"

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