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Monday, January 22, 2018

BLL SHORT - Controller Box for Novation Circuit on Kickstarter

Published on Jan 11, 2018 bll instruments

via Kickstarter

100 Euro gets you one.

"SHORT is a MIDI controller compatible with Circuit Novation.

We're keen on our Groove Box, a tremendous tool which enables us to create great pieces of music. But you need to plug it to a computer to set up complex patches, and we thought it was not convenient on jam or live sessions, when you want to tune patches on the fly.

So we created a very simple MIDI controller: SHORT.

SHORT is a tiny, intuitive, battery powered tool. Just plug it to the groovebox and control every single synth's parameter.

Navigate through the parameters using Short's buttons and screen and use the 8 macro controls of the groove box to change their value. You have full, easy and immediate access to your synth engine.

Edit analogue resonance, Eq, change on the fly OSC2 waveform, …

Unleash the power of your groovebox with SHORT!

How is SHORT working?

It is necessary to use a SHORT ready patch, recorded in the memory of the Circuit as any patch.

The peculiarity of this ready patch is that macro controls have no destination. When you turn them, it has no impact on the synth engine.

On the other hand, they always send CC messages corresponding to their position.

SHORT retrieves these CC messages and translates them according to the page enabled on SHORT and sends it back to the Circuit.

You can access the synth engine parameters by navigating on SHORT's pages, and modify sound using macro controls.

For example, when you are on the filter page, macro 1 control the filter, whereas when you are on the Osc 1 page, macro 1 control the osc1 waveform.

You can edit all the parameters of the synth engine, including 10 matrix, reverb and delay, analog filter and more.

When you find an interesting sound, just record it on Circuit and your sound is memorized.

If you want to use a sound created with SHORT in another session, there are two ways to do that: you can copy the session and erase only the patterns, or you can save the patch with the editor on computer.

SHORT picks up macro controls signal only when you are on the synth 1 or synth 2 pages on Circuit. You can use Circuit normally, on other use of macros, like for drum, mixer or effects.

What about automations on macros controls ?

Because one of the advantages of the circuit is to record automations on the macros, we have planned a favs page.

In this page you find 8 parameters that you have chosen and you can record automations as you would with a classic patch.

Inconvenient compared to the classic use of the macros control, you manage only one parameter per macro instead of 4 usually, but you have access to all parameters including the oscillators waveform, the type of distortion, the lfo waveform, the reverb decay etc.

SHORT 's pages:

For each page you get acces up to 8 parameters with the 8 macro controls"

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