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Monday, January 29, 2018

Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1 refurbished/modded

Some pics of the inside. This one is in via John Ryan, via this auction


Cleaned all pots/switches
No notorious black gunk on the board (this was a problem with these)
Replaced every electrolytic capacitor with new ones
Replaced all the faders with brand new ones

Changed it so Oscilator 2 pitch change now goes up/down a little more than an octave
Added 1/4 inch output jack
Added LFO speed switch that gives option for normal/fast/slow LFO
Modified it for better gate response
Increased audio output level
Change Ring Mod input from Osc 1 square only to post-switch/pre-mixer Osc 1

The MG-1 includes:

Two oscillators with sync & detune, one producing either a Square or Sawtooth waveform, with the other producing either a Pulse or Sawtooth waveform.
One 24db/oct low pass filter/VCF, that can use the envelope generator, has three-position keyboard tracking, and is capable of self oscillation.
Three-part envelope generator, with separately adjustable Attack and Decay or Release, and selectable Sustain on or off. The Envelope Generator can be triggered by either the keyboard, or the LFO.
Oscillator 2 can be tuned independently or hard-synced to Oscillator 1.
Noise generator. (Digital Pseudo-Random Noise)
Ring modulation (called "Bell Tone" this is Amplitude Modulation of VCO 1 and 2).
Polyphonic oscillator. This is a divide-down square wave generator. It is routed to the VCF and the VCA.
LFO that can modulate the oscillators and the filter using a Triangle, square or random Sample and Hold waveform
Voltage controlled amplifier with Keyed, Hold, and Envelope modes (accessed via 3-way switch, misleadingly only labelled "Tone Sources" but also affects Poly signal)
Portamento (called "Glide")
External Control inputs for pre-MIDI CV/Gate."

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