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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Sequential Circuits Six-Track SN 001094

via this auction

"This vintage 49 velocity sensitive key analogue synthesizer is one of the first multi-timbral keyboards. It has 6 voice polyphony as well as 6 VCO’s for great bass, lead, and pad modeling. It has MIDI and an onboard 6-track digital sequencer. It also has an arpeggiator that you can play along with sequences in real time. And it has a unison mode that makes the keyboard monophonic. It has been used in movies since the 80’s. It has the same Curtis circuitry that is found in its bigger brother, the Prophet 5."

It actually doesn't, but it still is a nice synth.

Update: the keyboard isn't velocity sensitive either. The Mult-Trak which has the same synth engine, however is. thanks to Cameron in the comments for catching this.

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  1. It's keyboard isn't velocity sensing... but it is a very fun keyboard with a cool sequencer and arpeggiator built in. Stacking multi-timbral voices into a complex unison voice is a nice feature... not to mention it being one of the few synths to have polyphonic glide... it's got some nice sounds and features even though it may not have the low end growls or hefty price tag that the Prophet 5 has. One of the first polyphonic multi-timbral groove synths. Lock the hold on the arpeggiator and then select a new patch... dual voice insta-jam. The 2 sequencer memories each have 6 tracks that can be volume mixed as well as played along with live (as long as you leave at least one of the 6 voice tracks empty.) All the voice parameters are MIDI CC##s so it lets you do some interesting things behind the scenes if you have a few faders you can connect to it's MIDI In.



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