MATRIXSYNTH: New Synthrotek Fold Module for Eurorack - Demo | 4hp Wave Folder and Ring Mod

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Synthrotek Fold Module for Eurorack - Demo | 4hp Wave Folder and Ring Mod

Published on Apr 25, 2018 File Transfer Protocol

"Putting the new FOLD module from Synthrotek through its paces. It’s a wave folder and ring mod packed into 4hp. It’s great for bringing new tones and textures out of your existing setup. In this video I’m running the saw wave of a Moog Mother 32 through the wave fold section of the unit. Later on in the video you will notice I patch the pulse wave into the ring mod section creating an even thicker cyborg-ish sound. The slider format of the FOLD module is very playable and begs to be tweaked in real-time even though it has an input to modulate with CV."


Use a Synthrotek FOLD module as a VCA | Modular Quick Tip

Published on Apr 29, 2018 Transfer Protocol

"I’m playing with the new Synthrotek FOLD module and I discovered that it’s not just a fun wave folder and ring mod in 4hp, but it also can be used as a VCA of sorts, with a really interesting tonal quality. You can never have to many VCA’s so that’s a tip I thought I would share."


  1. Hot damn, that sounds fantastic. I haven't even gotten to the ring mod portion and I already want one. (And I LOVE me song ring mod.)

    1. That should be that I love me 'some' ring mod.
      Typing too fast. Too excited. RING MOD!!

    2. "song ring mod" has a good ring to it! ;p Could be a good band name actually.

    3. Haha! YES, I like it! Ring mod on everything! :D



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