Sunday, May 20, 2018

ST Modular

Published on May 19, 2018 Stefan Tretau

New maker on the site. This is the first post to feature ST Modular.

1. ST Modular - Cyllene VCO #2
2. ST Modular - Cyllene VCO #1
Prototype Analog VCO with integrated frequency divider. Using a second Cyllene as LFO.
3. ST Modular - Prototype Noises
4. ST Modular - Triple Tom´s Melody
5. ST Modular - Stomping Beat
6. ST Modular - Triple Tom Techno
7. ST Modular - A case full of Prototypes
8. ST Modular - EURO KASTLE 1.5
This is a DIY Eurorack Version of the BASTL Instruments KASTLE 1.5
9. ST Modular - DIY PT2399 Delay
10. ST Modular - Feed as EFX send
11. ST Modular - VCO GIVE Sound Snipplets
12. ST Modular - Filter "FRANZ" & Delay
13. ST Modular - LFOT
LFOT(ouch) is a self designed Low Frequency Oscillator with optional High Range Frequency and Touch Control Function.

LFOT as Clock Source (0:00 - 1:36)
LFOT into VCO FM (1:37 - 3:04)
LFOT Audio Rate (3:05 - 4:36)
LFOT into Filter CV (4:37 - end)
15. ST Modular - "CATCH" Stepped Random Generator and Sample and Hold
16. ST Modular - Feed
Feed is a self designed module which would be best descripted as a voltage controlled aux send module with an integrated EQ.
17. ST Modular - Clanches & Triple Tom
Both are self-designes modules. Triple Tom is a three voice tom/kick generator and Clanches is...well...a clocked Branches.
18. ST Modular - TripleTom and Switched Multiple
This is a self designed Drum Module prototype offering three Tom/Kick voices including a Tilt Eq and a summing Mixer. Additionally each voice has a single out and its presence may controlled by control voltage.
The Switched Multiple is also a self designed module. It combines and mutes CV signals in many ways.
19. ST Modular - Fay & Clanches
Fay is a self designed Fader, VCA and Decay Envelope combined in one module. Its es being triggered by Clanches. The CEM VCO and DixieII are both mixed through the fader and then being controlled by the VCA and interal Decay.
20. ST Modular - FRANZ OTA Filter
This is a self designed Eurorack filter module with an internal LFO and 3 channel mixer
21. ST Modular - "GIVE" Analog VCO - Self-Made analog VCO with waveshaping option.
22. ST Modular - Avail LFO and Mixer 1U Tile
This is a self designed Module prototype. It is an LFO with Sine, Square and Pulse Out. Pulse width my be adjusted via trimmer. It also offers a 3 channel mixer.

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