MATRIXSYNTH: Braids Synthesis Modules Series - #14 Direct Synthesis Waveform

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Braids Synthesis Modules Series - #14 Direct Synthesis Waveform

Published on Jun 20, 2018 Omri Cohen

"I wanted to challenge myself and record every couple of days or so a full composition, using just the Macro Oscillator (Braids) as a sound source, in one specific mode. This is Day 14.

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Today I've used 5 Macro Oscillators in Direct Synthesis of LP/Peaking/BP/HP filtered Waveforms mode. 2 macro oscillators are receiving v/oct, through a multiplier, from the same GridSeq, which receives a trigger to its forward input from the main clock.
Their timbre (cutoff freq) and color (waveshape) are being modulated by different lfos. The 2 macro oscillators are differently tuned, and they are going through 2 Slap modules to the Dual Delay, and from there to the mixer. The Dual Delay is synced to the main clock, and the 2 Slap modules receive a trigger from the same GridSeq. All of this is duplicated with a few small changes. In this case, the GridSeq receives a trigger to its backward input, and the Dual Dealy is differently set. The two mixer modules of these two voices are going through Ritardo (Clouds in looping delay mode), and from there to another stereo channel. The 5th oscillator is receiving v/oct from yet another GridSeq, and its color and timbre are again being modulated by different lfos. It's then going through Smoke (Clouds in granular mode) to the mixer."

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