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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

LHI Audio Cadmium Vector Phase-Shaping Software Synthesizer

via LHI Audio where you'll find some audio demos.

"Cadmium is a vector phase-shaping synthesizer.
Vector phase-shaping (VPS) is an evolution of phase distortion, taken further in Cadmium with audio-rate modulation. This opens up a sound palette characterised by moving, morphing, shifting timbres – from snarling jungle bass to classic FM tones and everything inbetween.

It has the accoutrements of a subtractive synth: a modelled filter, envelopes and LFOs for modulation, but with a fresh approach where it counts – the oscillators.

Cadmium is now available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Explore new timbres with two-dimensional VPS modulation.

With an audio-rate oscillator per axis, you can go beyond traditional phase distortion tones – turn the shaping parameters up and detune the oscillators for ruthless, snarling basslines, or mellow out with shifting, morphing pads and drones.

Build dynamic, layered sounds.

Cadmium has three carrier oscillators, all in stereo for extreme width effects. Each oscillator has independent VPS modulation amount and pseudo-wavefolding parameters, in addition to the standard transpose and variable phase controls.

Temper your tone with the multimode filter.

It's a loosely-modelled 4 pole transistor ladder lowpass, with pole mixing for additional responses. Smooth your sound out with that classic buttery ladder sound or turn the drive up to add an extra edge."

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