MATRIXSYNTH: BURG1k Synth Kit Setup - Session Three #volca #DrumBruteImpact #ehx720 #ms70CDR

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

BURG1k Synth Kit Setup - Session Three #volca #DrumBruteImpact #ehx720 #ms70CDR

Published on Nov 27, 2018 ollilaboratories

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This is the Third video in my #BURG1K series and also inspirational video for the upcoming #BURG1KChallenge - stay tuned for this :)

In this one I am introducing the Electro Harmonix 720 stereo looper pedal and the Behringer 1002B mixer, yeay, stereo sound!! :)

Main focus and idea is around building the track and its layers on the 720 stereo looper. Volca Keys being the only instrument this creates a little bif of a challenge so I am using the majority of the sound modes in the unit.

Also, the ms-70 CDR "Filter PP delay" is playing a big part in this track, there is NO resonance / peak on the vKeys itself, all filter modulation is done in the zoom pedal. It is extremely powerful when it comes to creative sound design.

The ms-70 for the #DrumBruteImpact also provides some filtered delay action, but a bit more sensible and pulled back using the algorithm "Filter Dly".

Using the looper is great fun, expect to see it in more videos going forward.

Gear used

- KORG volca keys
- Arturia Drumbrute Impact
- 2x Zoom MS-70 CDR FX pedals
- Behringer 1002B mixer
- EHX 720 Stereo Looper
- 2 track Recorder, Zoom H5

Stereo track Post processing

- Izotope Limiter and Compressor
- Izotope EQ (low end roll off and minor high end boost)


- Arturia drumbrute, mono - ms-70, stereo to mixer
- volca keys, mono - 720 looper, mono - ms-70, stereo to mixer
- Mixer stereo to H5 Zoom recorder

FX settings

- Volca keys, 720 looper, ms-70 - Filter PP delay, particle reverb
- Drumbrute impact, Filter Dly, Dynamic Reverb

I hope you will enjoy this one!


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