MATRIXSYNTH: Intellijel Planar2 jam session #intellijel #planar2 #eurorack

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Intellijel Planar2 jam session #intellijel #planar2 #eurorack

Published on Nov 3, 2018 ollilaboratories

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A couple of weeks ago I finally received one of the long awaited modular for my control rack, the intellijel Planar2. This helps to almost complete the controller section that I have been planning for some time.

In this video i wanted to do a quick and simple patch, using only the planar2 as controller.. but after some noodling the MI Ears also got to play a simple part during the test.

Modulation patch notes:

- Planar X output to MI Braids Timbre IN
- Planar Y output to MI Braids Color IN
- Planar A Axis out to MI Ripples FREQ IN
- Planar B Axis out to to intellijel uVCF FM1 (freq) IN
- Planar C Axis out to MI Rings Damping IN
- Planar D Axis out to MI Rings Structure IN
- MI ears envelope out to Rings Strum IN

Sensititivy on MI Ears is half way through the video set to max so when tapping the Planar2 it triggers the strum input on MI Rings through the ENV out.

Audio patch notes:

- MI braids OUT -- Ripples LP4 -- uCVF HPF -- Quadratt mixer
- MI rings OUT ( odd ) -- Quadratt mixer
- Quadratt Mixer out -- Strymon ICE delay -- EQD transmisser
- 2 track recorder

Rack on modulargrid:

I hope you can enjoy this little demo jam session :)

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