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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Polivoks with midi and amazing mods

via this auction

"First, let me say: if you want the sound of polivoks - you need original polivoks, don't fool yourself buying eurorack modules or small tabletop clones. The sound of Polivoks is not just filter or waveforms of OSCs, it's the entire circuitry with it's artifacts and tiny things which sum together: noises, distortions, crosstalks, limiting etc..

This Polly has a lot of modifications. MIDI (monophonic, keyboard is cut), 6 different modes of filter fm (audio frequency modulation) - separated from lfo, which also works and provides 3 ranges (via special switch) from super-slow to extremely fast (in fact low audio frequency, which makes it one more fm-source). It also lets you do amp-fm via very fast retriggering of adsr in retrigger-mode (this high speed is usually impossible in most other polivokses). It also has a "magic switch" which turns VCO2 into very high frequency osc, way above it's usual range, you can even go to ultrasound and it will be reflected in one of 6 fm modes mentioned earlier. AND in this "magic switch" mode it generates some strange waveform, it doesn't sound like the one you could choose in it's usual mode.

For example, what you can do:
modulate vco2 from LFO, vco1 from vco2 (which is modulated by LFO), filter cutoff from fm source (which contains both VCOs) and filter's ADSR in re-trigger mode and LFO, amp - from secord ADSR in retrigger mode and LFO. It's all at the same time. Then, you can route part of output into ext input to make a loop. Imagine such a patch - do you know many synths to do it?

It's really a thing to try and mess around, very unpredictable, you'll dive into it for hours - description is not too useful. If you want Polivoks in your collection or if you like to build and sample unpredictable patches which live their own life and are impossible to repeat next day - this one is really the best option.
Cosmetical condition is very good except of one drilled hole on the back of the synth (look at the pictures). I usually cover it with black sticker.

I can make another demo with basic functions and playing from keyboard. Just let me know. Or more noises. As you probably suppose, it was serviced when these modifications were done so it works as it should."

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