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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Sequential Circuits Pro One - J-Wire Model SN 5801

via this auction

"One of the greatest classic mono synths of all time! This is the much more desirable J-Wire model, easier to service and much more reliable than the later membrane keyboard option. It's the cleanest Pro One I've personally come across and has been restored beautifully. The following has been done:

1) New keyboard bushings - Pro One's have rubber keyboard bushings that get hard and cracked over the last 30 something years, leading to a clicky and weirdly sticky keyboard action. With the new keyboard bushings the keyboard tension is much nicer and more luxurious. Keyboard response should feel similar to when it was new now!

2) Fully calibrated both oscillators to minimize pitch drift across the octaves and keyboard.

3) New octave switch for Osc B, new trim pot for Osc B 1v/Oct to restore calibration accuracy.

4) New pitch mod potentiometer - The tuning for the entire synth goes through this, old ones can be overly finicky and knock the synth out of tune just through normal use or pressing on the faceplate. New potentiometer is completely stable even if you punch the synth. It appears the translucent pitch mod plastic bit was repaired at some point before my ownership.

5) All potentiometers and switches have been cleaned and de-oxidized and lubricated, no more crackly pots!

6) The J-Wire keyboard contact points have been deoxidized and physically calibrated to minimize the double/triple triggering vintage synths have from not completely making contact due to dust and oxidization."

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