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Friday, January 25, 2019

BlueARP Hardware ARP Sequencer

Published on Dec 30, 2017 graywolf2004ru

Note the videos range from 2017 to 2019.

via BlueARP

"For a long time I was seeking for an arp that would allow me to do things like in hardware and finally decided to develop my own one. I took all the best I found in hardware groove boxes and arpeggiators (Korg Electribes, Novation Nova, arrangers) and combined it into single intuitive tool.

BlueARP can be also characterised as: pattern arpeggiator, step sequencer style arpeggiator, arpeggiator with pattern input.

I started development in 2012, now BlueARP is quite stable but I’m keeping further development.

BlueARP comes as a VST plugin for Windows & Mac OSX."

Video Playlist:
1. BlueARP hardware unit mk.1 rev.2 demonstration
This is demonstration of BlueARP hardware unit mk1 rev2 - this time it's mich better - 3d printed case, factory fabricated PCBs.
Sorry for shaky video and a lot of mistakes - I had a very little time for this performance (was mostly working on hardware and software).
But it's here - now this is a real thing I will continue working on.
In the beginning - playing cover for the track "Stardust" by J.M.Jarre and Armin van Buuren.
2. BlueARP hardware prototype v1.0 show-up
This is the result of several months of hard work.
This is a hardware prototype, running full-reatured BlueARP engine. Basically it runs THE SAME optimized code as software BlueARP. It took me a couple of months to re-factor the code and make it compilable for Cotrex-M CPU and hardware.

The final goal it to make it as a serial hardware device. A lot of work is done already, but still even more to do.
3. BlueARP hardware prototype demo #1
This is a 1st musical demonstration of my BlueARP hardware prototype.
It's purely hardware performance, using BlueARP factory bank loaded into prototype.
The same can be done with software BlueARP and VSTs of course, but playing with hardware is so much fun!
4. BlueARP hardware prototype rev.3 demo "Eternity"
This is my current BlueARP prototype - smaller and better (I fixed some design flaws from the previous prototype).
This is 100% hardware demo. Using 5 instances of BlueARP:
- Korg Radias - 4 tracks
- Vermona Mono Lancet - bass (1 track)
I implemented MIDI clock out, BlueARP sends midi clock to Akai MPC. It works, though drums are delayed a bit, need to fix it later.
All patterns were programed on hardware unit. So it's like the old days when I had more synths and made hardware performances )
PS. I finally made USB functionality working (both host and device). It was nightmare - tons of RTFM, 2 months of trials and fails. It's still buggy, so I don't use it here, but I'll improve it). I made this performance to celebrate this milestone.
5. BlueARP DM rev.4 demo, "Imaginary Vectors" by Marshal Arnold, live cover using Novation Nova
I'm so excited to present a complete live cover using BlueARP hardware unit! This is also a great demo for Novation Nova, all sounds cone from it, even drums. No computer used here, folks! My screen shows video for the original track.
I created this performance using only BlueARP hardware unit.
The goal was both to test bluearp unit and to polish the GUI and arp core, here I did a lot of fine tuning (it will benefit bluearp vst as well).

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