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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mindburner MIDI to DINSYNC converter

Published on Feb 14, 2019 Mindburner

"A demo of my DINSYNC device.

24PPQN for Roland and others.
Sync a TB303/TR6060 to MIDI clock
Either from a DAW or hardware sequencer
Other clock outputs, e.g 48PPQN for Korg available on circuit board pads
available with top cover"


Got MIDI gear and Roland DINSYNC kit?
Or need a device that outputs multiple clock rates?
Then this device will help.
Also has a built in MIDI Thru, to pass incoming MIDI data to other synths / modules

What does it do?
It outputs standard 24PPQN and start/stop signals. Has MIDI IN, OUT and DINSYNC OUT
Also pads for 1,2,4,8 and 48 PPQN (used on some old Korg drum machines)

How is it powered?
Comes with 2.1 to USB lead included to power from USB source (0.75m L)
Can also use pretty much any 5-7v DC 'wallwart' type power transformer. With a 2.1 mm female plug. Positive on the Tip of the plug.
Please note...There is no power adapter supplied as standard with this unit.

How do I connect it?
Connect a lead from a master MIDI units MIDI out e.g. TR707 into the MIDI IN jack of this sync unit.
Plug a lead from this units Dinsync out to Dinsync in on slave, TB303/606 etc
Plug in said Power adapter/USB lead
Job done

If using a DAW, Cubase, Abelton etc, ensure clock is enabled for the DAW's MIDI output.
e.g. Cubase. Transport>Project sync setup, MIDI clock destination

Reverse polarity protection
MIDI Thru port
Has pad outputs for other resolutions E.G 48PPQN
RED 24ppqn Run LED
GREEN start/stop LED
Good sync up to high (300+) BPM rates
High speed opto isolated IC, socketed
Designed and built in UK by myself, an electronics enthusiast
Priced Competitively
Rugged RS sourced 5-pin connectors and components
Dimensions 50mm x 70mm x20mm
Power consumption 50mA"

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