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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Arp Odyssey & Alesis Nanoverb

Published on Mar 23, 2019 Kris Lennox

"Korg's wonderful Arp reissue, here paired with the equally wonderful Alesis Nanoverb. Startling to think that is almost a decade since Keith Barr's passing. Quite a loss to the music world. Fantastic design/vision on his products.

I haven't heard the Behringer Odyssey, but I'm sure, like the Korg reissue, it'll be fantastic. Isn't it all great - very lucky times we live in, with the choices we have - and the access we have to hear instruments as/when. I'm sure many remember pre-internet days where hearing an instrument often meant travelling quite a distance to the nearest music store!

The included recording is an intentional Buddhist-like chant (obvious @ c. 2:02 with the pitch in the male register), with a distinct nod in the direction of throat-singing vocalist extraordinaire David Hykes (have a listen to his music if unfamiliar).

I remember the initial surprise when first playing on an Arp: surprise that the instrument had a strong association with a sharp, biting tone. It certainly can have this - but for me, it always felt like a very natural choice for producing a soft, evocative lead line.

The instrument itself is hugely versatile. Perhaps the association with harshness speaks more of assumption RE usage/following what has come before than it does with regards any limitation of the instrument itself.

Right. I need to go lie down. No sleep last night as I decided to do some minor cleaning duties in the house, and as is the way with these things, one job becomes ten. However, Scotland has a rare sunny day today, so maybe it should be a case of seeing this one through until sundown and making the most of it.

All best, and have a good weekend

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