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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Lightstorm - World's First Light Eurorack Synthesizer

Published on Mar 21, 2019 Strange Electronic

via Strange Electronic

"The Lightstorm Eurorack Case is a new type of interactive modular synthesizer case that integrates voltage-controlled LED lighting, adding visually stunning effects to live performance and giving inspiration in the studio. The Lightstorm Module brings creative lighting into the synthesizer workflow, going beyond audio-reactive effects. Now any control voltage - LFOs, envelopes, sequencers - can control full-spectrum LED lighting.

Henry Strange, founder and CEO of Strange Electronic, explains “Our company has been involved with professional touring, large fixed installations, and interactive happenings for over 10 years. Lighting is always, at least, HALF the show. We’ve made countless systems that integrate lights, controllers, and laptops. Now, with Lightstorm, we’ve found a fun and creative way to put lighting control directly in musicians eurorack systems.”

Renowned Los Angeles based producer and artist, Daedelus, currently utilizes the Lightstorm while touring around the world. “I’m very performance minded. Modular has opened this whole new vista to create sounds, but as an experience it can be very flat. I’m always looking for ways to embody the sounds and what better way than to create a light experience that is localized at my hands but expressed so much further, deformed by my sounds but inhabiting the actual space of the instrument.”

Using the Lightstorm is similar to other eurorack format modules. With the Lightstorm Module, the same control signals used to make music can be used to make a light show. This makes it easy for musicians to control lights without learning a lighting technology like DMX. The Lightstorm comes with a light strip but the LED output port will connect to many forms of LED devices, giving the user another way to personalize their lighting.

The Lightstorm Eurorack Case is an 84hp, 6U case bundled with a 30W power supply and built-in LEDs controlled by the Lightstorm Module. With frosted acrylic sides, the RGB LEDs can flash, pulse, and glow up to 1000 lumens of light in all directions. The ergonomic angle of the case allows the audience to see the performer work the modules while playing comfortably. This brings the audience into the performer’s craft rather than staring at the back of a box or the back of the artist. When in the studio, the case can stand upright, saving space and acting as a piece to beautify your space."

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