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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Days of Light

Published on Apr 14, 2019 davidryle

"Modular synth piece. Large format 5U and Eurorack.
Starting off with the Q-Bit Chord generated round. Mutable Instruments Marbles sending it a pitch c/v. The Root run direct to the mix and the htree intervals sent through a Synthetic Sound Labs Seqwencer IV sequential vca. The next few sounds fading in and out are the MI Rings and Piston Honda. Both controlled from Marbles.
Finally the main melodic content is pitch directed by Instruo Harmonaig to the 5U. The Harmonaig is pitch controlled from a Q60 step sequencer from and a pair of STG Soundlabs Voltage Mini Stores for transposing and voicing.
The pitch data from the Harmonaig sends a root pitch to a Q106 vco and FSFX built MI Braids. The Q106 is fed through a modular build of the Behringer DD400 digital delay and the Braids is timbre modulated by an Oakley VCADSR.
The three other interval c/v's are sent to three more Q106's. The third interval is split into two rhythm patterns gated by a Moon Modular M563 trigger sequencer, STG Soundlabs Trigger Min Store and various LFO's from Mega Ohm Audio. The filter is an Oakley SVF (band pass). The second tap is into a Modcan 73B delay and direct to mix.
The fifth interval is through a Q107 resonant state variable in band pass with 1v/oct tracking for a sine wave output and send through a Strymon Blue Sky pedal. Slew is from the Harmonaig.
The seventh interval is routed through a Q150 transistor ladder low pass filter.
Other delays and reverbs are from a pair of Lexicon MX200's and a T.C. Electronic D-Two delay. Recorded direct to Cubase in one pass. Video from my iPhone and edited in Final Cut Pro.

Thank you for listening!"

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