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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Low Frequency Expander for the OB6 & Prophet-6

Published on Apr 11, 2019 Steve Hunt

Low Frequency Expander for OB-6. Overview.
Low Frequency Expander for OB-6. No talking.
Low Frequency Expander for OB-6. Demo of LFO 2.
Low Frequency Expander for OB-6. Demo of LFO 3.

Update: you can reach out to Steve Hunt on YouTube if you are interested in one.

"My Low Frequency Expander for the OB6. Also will work with Prophet 6."

I reached out to Steve Hunt asking if this was a one off or if it will be made available for others. He replied: "Almost ready to make a few. Just a few software tweaks then another look at costs. Might make a batch of 10 if there's enough interest." If you are interested you can reach him on YouTube.

Here's some additional info on the features:

Envelope with 8 knobs: A1, L1, A2, D1, L2, D2, S, R. Plus amount.

So that's 6 stages. Loopable start to end of R or from start to end of D2.

Syncable to midi clock.

Alternate mode is 8-step control sequencer using the 8 knobs as levels.

Thinking about using a shift key to add 8 more steps LFO1 sync, wave, frequency, amount.

LFO2 sync, wave, frequency, amount.

LFO3, sync, frequency.

sampling frequency, wave shape (continuous from ramp through triangle to saw), pattern, amount.

Generates smooth waveforms or sample/held steps depending on sample frequency knob.

All four modulators can be multiplied by a source including velocity, AT, mod wheel, the other modulators etc and can all be sent to any of the synth's CC destinations.

So for example, the Envelope can be multiplied by the output of LFO 3 and sent to Resonance and LFO 1 can be multiplied by aftertouch and sent to PWM1...

Dedicated distortion knob.

'Engage' button to enable/disable all outputs.

'Write' button.

'Shift' button. eg shift-write makes init patch. shift-wave decrements the wave selection.

1000 patch storage locations synced to the synth's patch numbers.

Large 20x4 red OLED. Midi in, out and thru.

Update2: via Steve Hunt on YouTube

"Costs and timescales.

I've done a lot of work on reducing cost. I've removed a PCB so there's only one, removed an IC and about 25 smaller components and found a cheaper supplier of the aluminium front panel. All totaling a saving of £90 , in 10 off quantity.

The front panel has a lead time of 3-4 weeks and I've not used the supplier before so I want to buy one for myself to check it out before I buy a batch. That means the first deliveries can be about 7-8 weeks from now.

So if I can get 10 deposits from you of £100 each, I can order the long lead-time components and ask you for the balance before shipping out. If you want to take part in this first batch of 10 then email me to discuss paying the deposit etc.

I'm offering three options:

Standard: Metal box with aluminium front panel. £440. plus postage.
Deluxe: As above but with walnut end pieces. £480 plus postage.
Bones: for those that want to make/source their own box and panel, just assembled electronics and knobs. As above but no panel or box. £345 plus postage.

Or I could put it through a platform like eBay or Kickstarter and add 10% to cover their fees.

No VAT to add as I'm not VAT registered but I expect some countries will want to add taxes or duty to what you pay, but I think you pay them when importing.

Unless Behringer or someone else with a Chinese factory buy the design off me or rip it off, that's as far as I can go on price, unless volumes really take off, but I'm taking it one (small) step at a time.

I will also offer an analog I/O option for all of the above but I haven't costed this yet. It will add one CV in and one CV out. There aren't any long lead-time items in it and it can be added to your order a lot later."

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