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Monday, April 01, 2019

SYNTHPLEX Pics - Minimoog Prototypes & Hybrid System with 8 SEMs, Minimoog & Taurus Pedals

A few pics and short summary in via an anonymous reader.

"So I went to Synthplex on a complete whim this year. I originally wasn't going to go but one of my coworkers convinced me to check it out. I'm very glad that I did!

I arrived just in time for the BT keynote, which is where my friend was waiting for me. I had no problems with getting a seat right near the front. The talk was very nice, and mostly focused on the subject of appreciating synthesizers as instruments, as opposed to using them as preset banks.

Afterwards we headed to the popup synth museum, which was adjacent to the halls which held the keynotes. The museum was a bit out of the way and so it wasn't too busy and it was relatively easy to get in front of a synth. In terms of keyboards, it was my first time with a CS-80, MemoryMoog, and Jupiter 4. I really liked all of them! The Jupiter 8 which they had was also very nice.

The one surprise for me was the EML Electrocomp 101. Wow that thing is fun! Too bad that used prices on them are a bit out of control at the moment :-\

After that we finally made our way to the vendors halls. You've seen the video by now [see here], but there was a guy there with some very early Moog prototypes. Holy cow, I never expected to see those there.

Other highlights were the Waldorf Kyra at the Waldorf booth, which now had quite a few presets added to it, and a Moog 3p at the Noisebug booth. The latter, I would totally buy in a heartbeat if I could. What an inspiring beast. I might take a trip out to Noisebug to check it out. I was a bit disappointed/surprised that Moog didn't have a booth though. I was looking forward to finally trying out the Moog One in person.

Finally, the single coolest thing that I saw was this beast at the Rosen Sound booth.

8 voices of Oberheim SEM, plus a built in MiniMoog Model D, and Taurus pedals. Wow what a sound. After playing that thing and the CS-80 in the same day, I would take an Oberheim 8 voice over the CS-80. It makes me more than a little sad that Tom Oberheim wasn't able to get his 4 voice synth out the door.

Overall, I'm super glad that I went, and being there put me in a better mood in regards to my music hobby. I actually feel like making music again. I'm already looking forward to next year's event and am planning on spending more time there, especially in regards to the keynote speakers and concerts. It might be something that you would enjoy as well :D"

Update: image of Rush's Geddy Lee with the system sent my way via @analogsteve. I thought that looked familiar. Here's another image of the system with the top SEM section separated.

Update2 via @Chris_Randall of Audio Damage: "It wasn’t the real one. It is a “cover version” he made. Virtually identical, though."

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