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Sunday, July 28, 2019

R-MONO Lab Maker Faire Tokyo 2019出展作品紹介

Published on Jul 27, 2019 R-MONO Lab

Funny. I don't think I've seen "live" or "hot" soldering before - soldering with the unit powered and running. It's almost like he's soldering in permanent triggers on a step sequencer. Imagine having to do that every time you wanted to change a sequence!


R-MONO Labは、某楽器メーカーのもの作り同好会(部活)です。部員同士の交流をしながら、ものづくりイベントでの作品発表など制作活動をしています。創作分野は特定せず「作りたいものを作ろう」をモットーとしています。設立は2014年末。 MFT2015〜2018、ommf2016〜2018などに出展。第3回ソレコン入賞。創造都市ネットワークでの講演、展示会、ワークショップなどの活動も行っています"


"The latest version (V5) of" Synthe Senjin Synth "which realized unique sound by" by wave transmutator "before. New recorder pipe organ that automates the pump. "Programmable bear's tonpy" that bear's cute stuffed toy plays destructive rhythm. A "wood tank" where electronic fish swims. We will also conduct hands-on with the revolutionary electronic musical instrument "Ney Musical Instrument Soldering Synthesizer" played by soldering.

R-MONO Lab is a craftsmanship association (club activity) for a certain group of musical instruments. While interacting with other members, we are producing activities such as presenting work at manufacturing events. The motto is "Let's make what you want to make" without specifying the field of creation. Established at the end of 2014. Exhibited at MFT 2015-2018, ommf 2016-2018, etc. 3rd Solecon Prize. We also conduct activities such as lectures, exhibitions and workshops in the creation city network."

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