MATRIXSYNTH: SDS Digital Gate Crash Module! 3 Days from Concept to Completion!

Friday, August 09, 2019

SDS Digital Gate Crash Module! 3 Days from Concept to Completion!

Published on Aug 9, 2019 freshnelly

"This is a crazy little gate delay module I decided I needed to add to the demo rack. It won't be manufactured (probably) but I'm going to post the software and info's so anyone able can build it.
Of course if they can build this from scratch then they probably would have already done so?

Why so fast? I wanted to flex my designer muscle with a challenge and really did pull this off. It was actually only 2.5 days because I couldn't start until I was back from the mainland after noon on the second day.
OCD? Well perhaps with the features..

SO this module has 8 totally different modes:
A. 0-Dual Gate Delay Mode 3:10
B. 1-Dual Long Delay Mode 6:27
C. 2-Dual Clock Divider Mode 9:44
D. 3-Dual Gate Recorder/Looper Mode 13:43
E. 4-Logic Mode 15:33
F. 5-Dual Variable Gate Length Mode 17:41
G. 6-Dual Burst Pulse Generator 21:33
H. 7-Dual Preset Gate Sequences Mode 24:26

I had some fun with this video because it's not an actual product so could let loose a bit ha ha! I think doing the vid took longer than the module..


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