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Friday, August 30, 2019

SDS Digital Sequarallel 8HP MIDI2CV Sequencer Module!

Published on Aug 30, 2019 freshnelly

"Well, I'm at it again! I have long wanted a decent sequencer that uses recorded to MIDI to make sequences for modular without a computer.

It started out as a simple MIDI2CV but then my trademark "what if..." kicked in and here we are. I just had to show it off a little.

This video is rather hap-hazard and was just testing a couple of functions, Bar looping and Transposing.

In FL Studio I made a 16 bar test sequence with changes every couple of bars from 1 channel to 2, then 3 & 4 channels (and very different parts although stuck with the same key) to test the various CV-MIDI Channel modes and note-order selection (Time, Range, Cycle). That was mentioned to explain why the instruments and cadence changes so much from one bar to another.

There was also 3 program changes on channel 1, and a couple of percussion sequences.

There is only 1 VCO hooked on Gate/CV 3 here but it's pretty funky with all 4! It plays certain notes when in certain channel/order modes as you can hear in the video.

In percussion mode, where up to 12 triggers are brought to the panel, the display changes to visualize that. Note numbers are in each percussion box. Eventually the fixed notes can be set to automatically assign Jacks as they come in.

The really cool thing about this module is that the sequences are played internally, under modular clock control, just as they were recorded. So some channels may be recorded that, if not blocked, can come out of the MIDI jack, plus play when a different Channel Mode is selected (1+1+1+1, 3+1, 2+2, All 4)

This sequence has no loop points (Note#121) in the sequence or manually assigned Loop/JumpTo points so looping just defaults to inside the present bar. Even this was a lot of fun though!

This sequence took about 1% of the memory so I think it would be possible to get near 100 sequences in there.

It's a powerful little module and has been a bit of work over the past couple of weeks but now seeing results."

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