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Sunday, November 17, 2019

X1L3 - MONOLITH bluetooth receiver

X1L3 - MONOLITH - sunvox and some envelope follower routing

Published on Nov 17, 2019 X1L3

"Monolith - bluetooth receiver with envelope follower. What it is and where to get it below.

A quick demo here as i haven't got the time for the full twenty minute power electronix session. But i'm sure that'll turn up some time soon :)

Monolith is a simple and quiet bluetooth audio receiver. It allows you to stream audio from your phone or other bluetooth capable device into your eurorack rig. It boost the incoming audio to modular levels and has a bipolar envelope follower tied to the audio out. The follower has attack and release controls to shape the response. It works best with gated signals and things like drum tracks. But will generate interesting results with any signal that has a signifigant degree of amplitude variation in it.

Great for streaming found sound, youtube vids, phone conversations and the recording of the super market you made one day that you realised sounds like a hellscape nightmare when you slow it down to 50% and feed it through a clouds module :)

Sunvox on the phone is running a drum track which is streamed to monolith via bluetooth. This is then fed into a filter. The envelope follower is routed to the filter cut off and also a vca which has the bassline oscillator running through it. This is also fed into the filter. Both drums and bassline are then sent to the output mixer. The pads and melody are seperate from the monolith chain. And i'm playing the pitch of the bassline oscillator at the end via a yarns midi to cv module tied to the keyboard.

6HP with a mono output. The sum of the stereo bluetooth audio in is mixed inside the module."

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