MATRIXSYNTH: BEHRINGER K-2 Tutorial & Review, with 18 patch ideas (that also apply to KORG's MS-20)

Saturday, December 28, 2019

BEHRINGER K-2 Tutorial & Review, with 18 patch ideas (that also apply to KORG's MS-20)

Published on Dec 26, 2019 loopop

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
2:40 Filters
4:40 Layout
5:30 Oscillators
8:15 LFO/Mod gen
10:05 Envelopes
14:15 Hz/v, v/oct
15:45 S-trig, v-trig
16:30 Patch bay
18:05 ESP & guitar
20:50 Track & hold
22:25 TIP #1: Controlled noise thru ESP
23:30 TIP #2: Controller noise thru VCA
23:55 TIP #3: Using the modwheel to attenuate signals
24:20 TIP #4: How to create a Random LFO
26:35 TIP #5: How to control oscillator pitch with a v/oct signal without a hz/v to v/oct converter
28:15 TIP #6: Using the high pass filter for a bass boost
28:30 TIP #7: Drone mode patch
28:50 TIP #8: Creating distortion using the ESP VCA and a feedback loop
29:40 TIP #9: How to make Filter 2 more aggressive than Filter 1
30:10 TIP #10: The hidden oscillator: Creating and controlling oscillator using ESP feedback
31:20 TIP #11: ESP osc as drone oscillator
31:40 TIP #12: ESP osc as a high-frequency modulator
32:20 TIP #13: Analog bitcrush: Using the new ESP osc and the Sample and Hold to create a downsampling/bitcrush effect.
33:30 TIP #14: Playing K-2/MS-20 duophonically using the Track & Hold (sample and hold) circuit and the trick switch
34:50 TIP #15: Playing K-2/MS-20 duophonically using the keyboard trigger and playing legato
35:50 TIP #16: Using KeyStep for a full duophonic experience
37:15 TIP #17: Applying portamento in duophonic
37:45 TIP #18: Using the filters to give each oscillator its own articulation
38:35 Pros & cons

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