MATRIXSYNTH: Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone, or rather, Happy New Decade!

I want to thank everyone who visits the site, supporting members, and the sponsors you see above and to the right. You all make this site possible. So, thank you! I am humbled and grateful every day. The site will be going 15 years strong in 2020. Since then there has only been one single day w/o a post when I had no idea there would be something to post every single day. Every single post has gone up by hand, so the support is more than appreciated.

In 2019 we had a total of 13,069 posts. That comes out to an average of 35.81 posts a day, all by hand. We had 819 products new to the site, including 112 new makers, and 64 older items never featured before. You can find a breakdown of some categories here.

In 2019 we lost the following people: Alan R. Pearlman, Mark Hollis, Mike McGrath of Muff Wiggler, Philippe Zdar of Cassius, John Blacet, Carl Matthews, and Gershon Kingsley. I keep hoping for a year we do not lose anyone. These are always the hardest posts to put up for so many reasons. They never feel good enough.


That said, synth history continues to be made and I hope to be able to continue to capture it here on MATRIXSYNTH. The good and the bad...

I'm going to keep this post relatively short this year. I'm guessing most of you reading it are daily visitors and are more than familiar with what has, and continues to go up throughout the year. Know as long as posts go up, I am always here and I will always be a daily constant for you as long as I am able. I hope the site brings some pleasure in your daily routine. Consider the site family, but one that hopefully doesn't bother you too much. :) But don't worry, aside from the occasional post like this one, I do my best to stay out of posts, and let the content speak for itself.

Thank you for all the support! You have no idea how much it truly means. I do exist, and you all help keep me and the site moving forward.

Happy New Year everyone! Happy New Decade! :)



  1. 2020 is the last year of the second decade. The last year of the 20th Century was 2000. 2001 is the first year of the 21st Century. There was no year 0. The decade is not over, yet. Each decade, century, and millennium starts with 1.

  2. I am at that point in life where I don't really care. I know I'm right and everyone else is wrong, and that gives me a certain concrete satisfaction.



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