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Saturday, January 04, 2020

#Synthuary2020 / #Jamuary2020 - 04

Surfing on the grains on Glasgow // #JAMUARY2020 Day 4

Published on Jan 4, 2020 DivKidVideo

See the Synthuary label for more. Synthuary because these are the Jamuary synth videos. More below.

"For Day 4 of #JAMUARY2020 I wanted to create a more realised musical piece. If you get the "Surfing on the grains of Glasgow" leave a comment ... I thought that was a fun (or totally lame - let me know) title.

This piece is based on the audio left in the buffer of arbhar from this video - [posted here] - with lots of modulation from ochd that keeps the audio grains shifting through the buffer, in drifting intensities, with vary lengths and grain shapes we get a beautiful repurposing of 3 basic guitar chords with a few plucked strings in-between. There's 3 FX chains running from this that's all brought together as a stereo mix in the Eurorack system before recording."

Jamuary 2020 - day 4 (OP-1 sp404 Zenbook Pro Duo)

Published on Jan 4, 2020 amenemo1010

"my chillhop beat for jamuary2020 day 4 using Teenageengineering OP-1 and my lovely 404.
The animation in the background come from Chillhop artist “sleepy fish” 🐟 "

#jamuary2020 Day 4 - Teenage Engineering OP-Z (in a car, on the way to Cardiff)

Published on Jan 4, 2020 Oscillator Sink

"I'm playing a gig with my shouty rock band this evening in Cardiff. That's a bit of a drive, but I ain't the one doing the driving so, I guess I can spend a little time with the OP-Z through the car sound system! This was written entirely in the car, mostly on the M5 and M4!

Apologies if the mix is a little weird... The car stereo probably doesn't provide the flattest response for monitoring purposes!"

#Jamuary2020 - 04 - Korg Volca FM, Zoom MS-70CDR, EHX 720

Published on Jan 4, 2020 Waveformer

"Here's an ambient jam with the Korg Volca FM up front and center. Looped by a EHX 720 and routed through three MS-70CDRs effect pedals in parallel."

Jamuary2020 - 04 - Performed on a Deluge and a Piano

Published on Jan 4, 2020 True Cuckoo

"The idea with Jamuary is to get going with what you have, and to help get comfortable sharing and performing little jams, and to get to know each other and appreciate what everyone is doing in the electronic music independent scene. Post a little music snippet every day of jamuary, or for as many of the days that you have the energy to. Browse the hashtag and get inspired. Get to know musicians you had never heard about, and perhaps even make some friends along the way."

DAWless JAMuary 2020 - day 4

Published on Jan 4, 2020 Mike Sisk

Jamuary2020 Day 4: Saw 5 - Arturia MicroFreak Improvisation

Published on Jan 4, 2020 VolcaNiced

"Day 4 of our Month full of Music
Cause I am not at home I had to improvice the Setup aswell.
I had to use the Ambient Reverb of Ableton cause I missed my Reverb at home.
I how you can enjoy it.
Next day, new music.

Love to you all!"

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