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Thursday, January 09, 2020

#Synthuary2020 / #Jamuary2020 - 09

#jamuary2020 Day 9 - Arturia MiniBrute 2S, Korg Monologue and Volca Kick

Published on Jan 9, 2020 Oscillator Sink

See the Synthuary label for more. Synthuary because these are the Jamuary synth videos. More below.

"There was another jam all ready to record before this one came about, but at the last moment I pulled a creative hissy-fit, tore the patch down and went in a very different direction.

The Minibrute is heading through the trusty Zoom MS-CDR70 providing two lots of delay (to add rhythmic interest) and a reverb (because reverb). The Monologue is heading through the Digitech Polara reverb (because reverb) and the Volca Kick is dry as a bone (because I ran out of pedals)."

#jamuary2020 - day 9 Chillhop (OP-1 / zenbook pro duo)

Published on Jan 9, 2020 amenemo1010

"day 9 of #jamuary2020
Chillhop beat for today using my lovely #OP-1 by #teenageengineering

on the table my zenbook pro duo showing my favourite walking in Tokyo’s clips to get inspiration 🍃☔️


Making music with the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command // #JAMUARY2020 DAY 9

Published on Jan 9, 2020 DivKidVideo

#Jamuary2020 Day 9: The Three Synthketeers (Ambient Improvisation)

Published on Jan 9, 2020 VolcaNiced

"Ok, the plan was: Keep it simple.
The reality is: I did exactly the opposite

Despite the fact that I am very reduced in my equipment here in my girlfriend's house, I managed to combine 3 synths and 2 reverbs with the existing equipment and cables and still record everything cleanly, namely image and sound. I'm a little proud.

So what did I do?

I wanted to show how versatile you can use the MicroFreak with other synths. Here, for example, I transferred the sequence from the MicroFreak to the Volca FM and the Volca Keys. Then during the jam I thought to myself, just pass the sequence to the other two devices and switch off the MIDI on the MicroFreak. Then you can play something with it. And that's exactly what I did. At the end I really wanted to get the rich sound from the Keys, which sounds fantastic with the Specular Reverb v3.

All in all for the short preparation time (namely none at all) and the little equipment I am happy with the result. I hope that I can make one or the other tasty the MicroFreak, which I currently consider to be one of the best analog / digital hybrid synth in the price segment around 250 EUR. It is ideal for beginners and for people like me who like to tease the last out of such a device.


MicroFreak - Zoom MS 70 CDR (Particle Reverb) - Roland Mixer (Stereo In)
Volca Keys and Volca FM - Specular Reverb V3 - Roland Mixer (Audio In)
MIDI by RK004 from Retrokits
Recorded with OnePlus 6T directly"

Day 9 of #JAMUARY and I figured I'd make some music! I have some commissions to get through for music AND of course going for these #JAMUARY2020 videos daily AND playing with the Impulse Command for it's demo video (to come in the near future) so it's nice to hit all 3 of these things at once.

Full and detailed patch notes are available exclusively on

The music I'm working on (apart from the drums, which you don't hear - big tease I know) isn't just the Impulse Command but it's all the same patch settings too. I think the sound works great for a rich and interesting bass tone, through the harmony lines and the melody too.

It's still not too late to get involved with Jamuary posting jams, melodies, beats, music, experiments or whatever you see fit. So get involved and click the hashtags to see all the amazing work people are doing."

Jamuary2020 - 9 - Piano improvisation

Published on Jan 9, 2020 True Cuckoo

"The idea with Jamuary is to get going with what you have, and to help get comfortable sharing and performing little jams, and to get to know each other and appreciate what everyone is doing in the electronic music independent scene. Post a little music snippet every day of jamuary, or for as many of the days that you have the energy to. Browse the hashtag and get inspired. Get to know musicians you had never heard about, and perhaps even make some friends along the way."

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