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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Quarantine Sessions 2

Published on Mar 21, 2020 Ran Kirlian

"Second live jam recorded during Covid-19 quarantine in my home studio. This live performance follows a similar structure than the previous one, containing different improvised sound environments melted together with a strong presence of a minimal modular system. In this session the main synthesizers were the Soma Lyra-8 and the Nordrack 2x, both reinforced with The Amazing Noises Reverb on the iPad thru Lexicon Omega audio interface. Nordrack is played from Korg Nanokey, connected to the iPad as well and routed with Aum to the Omega interface to the synth MIDI in. Sadly not much can be seen in this video due to bad camera (or artist) position, but I hope you like the music instead.

With this live recordings I’m not only having fun while playing relaxed without my typical time limitations, but also expressing this unique experience of being confined at home, watching the news, seeing the empty streets from my windows and having a social life limited to my wife, my son and my cats beyond the electronic communications.


Part 1 - 00:00
Part 2 - 07:38
Part 3 - 15:23
Part 4 - 23:29
Part 5 - 28:44
Part 6 - 32:43
Part 7 - 35:02
Part 8 - 39:05
Part 9 - 44:08

- Minimal eurorack system
- Soma Lyra-8
- Nordlead Nordrack 2x,

- Apple iPad Pro

- Lexicon Omega audio interface"

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