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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 w/ MIDI SN 6364

via this auction

Looks like the Release pot was fixed. Cool to see that.

"This unit is a late unit that had two rare features not found on most Prophets. For one, it has a factory power inlet jack. That however is not as rare as the fact that the "midi in out" text is printed onto the back panel rather than being a sticker. Both of these features don't add much functionality, but it does make this prophet a bit more unique than others available.

The unit has been upgraded with a new toroidal transformer that eliminates the mechanical noise inherent to stock Prophets (stock prophets audibly buzz when powered on. You can usually hear it across the room!) This new transformer also helps some with the audio output noise floor.
Additionally, this transformer helps the unit run considerably cooler than other Prophets. The heat sink will only be lightly warm to the touch, rather than scorching hot, like a stock prophet. This will help with tuning and the longevity of the Prophet.
It should be noted this transformer does not change the sound of the unit fundamentally. This is a common question we're asked.

The unit also has the awesome Tauntek firmware installed. This firmware expands the prophets primitive midi, but more so with patch loading and backup via sysex. Our favorite new feature added is the ability to do a Unison Detune like the Jupiter 6. There are other features accessible, but the other great thing about this new firmware is that the Prophet behaves as normal at all times.

Otherwise, the following was done to this unit:
- All tantalum capacitors replaced with new
- Any factory updates needed were done
- New memory battery
- New 60 pin ribbon between CPU and voice board
- Updated PSU
- Full calibration of all VCO's, VCF, and OTA balances
- New keyboard bushings
- Fresh cleaning of all pots and j wire bus bars
- Light cabinet restoration. The wood is in great shape.

This unit is ready to go immediately and will ship within 2 business days."

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