MATRIXSYNTH: LA67 WFM Oscillator // Analogue 'Kobol' style waveshaping VCO in Eurorack with FM, AM & more

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

LA67 WFM Oscillator // Analogue 'Kobol' style waveshaping VCO in Eurorack with FM, AM & more

Published on Apr 8, 2020 DivKidVideo

*Here's the new WFM Oscillator from LA67. It's a 8HP Eurorack oscillator that offers multiple dimensions of sound shaping and control. There's the standard triangle and square outs and then a unique 'WFM' section. That offers level control (CV modulation or audio rate for AM synthesis) as well as RSF Kobol style wave shaping and also pulse width modulation. There's the standard FM (exp/lin), sync and 1v/oct controls too. As always this video is about demonstrating the raw sounds and features with musical example and patch tips that can help us all push our synthesis and sound design further.

00:00 Hello and video previews
01:25 Feature run down
02:43 Kobol style waveform morphing
03:03 AM synthesis demo
05:34 Melodic AM ideas
07:12 Random “modulate everything” AM
07:23 PWM pulse width modulation demo
09:07 Dynamic and musical audio rate PWM
10:39 Rich PWM bass
11:40 Turning the WFM into an LFO
13:20 FM synthesis demo
14:47 Percussive FM patch
15:24 Additional FM patch
16:26 Audio rate wave shaping and “complex oscillator” patching
18:20 This was begging for a beat
18:51 Ambient fading wave shapes
19:42 Sync demo & more dynamic level control"

An analog VCO with a unique wave shaping circuit. Based on the 1970s Kobol synthesizers, the WFM output provides a continuously variable wave shape from triangle to saw to modulated pulse, with many interesting points in between. Voltage control over wave shape and output amplitude allow for wide timbral variations.


• Three simultaneous waveform outputs: Triangle, Pulse, and WFM
• FM input with attenuator, switchable between linear and exponential
• V/Oct input
• Sync input
• WFM "MOD" input with attenuator
• WFM "LEVEL" input
• WFM variable pulse input
• 10hz-25khz frequency range
• 8+ octaves tracking

Technical Specifications

• 8hp
• 35mm depth
• Current draw: 65mA/65mA +12v/-12v
• Reverse power polarity protection

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