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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

New Make Noise 0-CTRL Sequencer

"The Make Noise 0-CTRL is a patchable, clockable controller and step sequencer for voltage controlled synthesizer systems. Designed to be patch pals with the 0-Coast, it is a tabletop device whose inputs and outputs follow Eurorack standards, making it also a great partner for a modular system or another patchable tabletop synth.

- Fully analog and patch programmable, no menus or modes, what you patch is what you get!
- Sequence and Control the Pitch, Strength, and Time of your synthesizer voice, per step
- Voltage control over Stop and Direction
- Dynamic Reset, select Reset Step while sequencing
- Pressure and Touch Gate outputs for human generated events and expression
- Dynamic Envelope and Gate outputs allow for voice loudness/ strength per note
- Gate output per step for patch programming sequence behavior and triggering unique events per step
- Synchronize the 0-CTRL via the Clock In, or clock other machines with the Clock and/ or Gate Outs
- Sequence your synthesizer and play it by hand simultaneously with Sequence Interrupt
- Pairs well with the 0-Coast, Tape & Microsound Music Machine, or anything having CV Inputs


Dimensions: 5.5 x 9 x.75 inches
Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Power Requirement: +15VDC on 2.1mm Tip Positive Connector
Includes Power Adapter, Patch Cables

MSRP: $399"

Additional videos in the playlist above:

2. loopop Review: Make Noise 0-CTRL // Patch ideas with 0-COAST & other modules // 0-CONTROL tutorial

0:00 Intro
0:50 Overview
3:30 Strength
5:05 Time
5:50 Inputs, outputs
7:00 Basic patches
7:10 Keyboard “mode”
8:45 Sequence control
11:10 Gate time trick
12:20 Analog quantizer?
15:10 0-CTRL as a multi frequency sub oscillator
17:25 Playing subharmonics with 0-CTRL
20:00 Module pairings
20:15 Quantizer
21:00 Slew limiter
21:45 CV to sample
23:25 Glide sequencing
24:20 Misc tips
24:55 Clock mix
26:15 Pros, cons
3. sonicstate Superbooth 20 HE - Make Noise 0-CTRL Sequencer
4. Make Noise 0-CTRL touch controlled sequencer - HAINBACH
In which I demo the Make Noise 0-CTRL in conjunction with the 0-COAST. The 0-CTRL is a standalone 8-step analog sequencer with touch control, similar to Pressure Point/Brains in Eurorack and the Serge TKB. When played with the 0-Coast this is could well be called the "Make Noise Easel", as it covers similar ground to the fantastic Buchla instrument, while being very much a Make Noise instrument. Thanks to Make Noise for sending these two over!
5. Make Noise 0-CTRL Analogue CV/Gate Touch Sequencer Demo
2:53 0-Ctrl Concepts
3:54 Explaining The Three Sequencing Rows
4:55 Dynamic Gate Demo
6:32 Dynamic Contour Output Demo
8:48 Time Row/Per-Step Swung Timing Demo
10:32 Touch Plate Keyboard/Bottom Left Plates Demo
13:18 Using Stacking Cables to Send CV to Multiple Places
14:09 Using Gates to Change Direction/Reset/Stop
15:44 Interrupt Function to Jump Sequence Around By Hand
17:09 Sequencer Reset Demo - How It Resets to Last Touched Plate
19:31 Sequencer Stop Demo - Programming 'Playhead' to Stop on a Step
19:58 Touch Gate Output - Outputs a Gate Every Time Plate is Touched
21:29 Pressure Output - Outputs a Smooth CV Based on Finger Contact on Plates
22:56 Interrupt and Pressure Working Together
23:43 DEMO ONE: 0-Ctrl of Mutable Instruments Rings, with Basimilus Iteritas Alter
27:14 DEMO TWO: Techno Duet for 0-Coast and Basimilus Iteritas Alter
29:47 DEMO THREE (Various): 0-Coast and System 80 880, Erbe Verb on the 0-Coast.

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