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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

New VITAL Wavetable Based Soft Synth in the Works

Published on May 25, 2020 Matt Tytel

First some demos. Additional details below.


Smear: a spectral oscillator morph mode in Vital
Adding some new ways to change oscillator sounds and added this "Smear" mode. It creates a lot of high frequency content so you can create interesting percussive sounds with just the oscillator.
Inharmonic Stretch: New spectral oscillator morph mode in Vital
It's hard to complete, polish and release a large software project like a synth.

It's even harder when you can be creating and playing with new spectral-morphing oscillator modes instead.

This "Inharmonic Stretch" mode moves oscillator harmonics up the spectrum in a non-linear way.
Stereo LFOs and parameter modulation
All modulation source (LFOs/envelopes/etc) in Vital run in stereo and can modulate parameters separately for left/right channels. You might need to put on some headphones.
Modulating the phase of an oscillator's phase distortion.
Here's a feature I made early in Vital's development.
Distortion phase moves where an oscillator's phase distortion happens. Moving the 'Bend' position can make infinitely rising or falling sounds. It also looks pretty cool!
Spectral formant morphing text generated wavetables (feat. Mashed potatoes and gravy)
Added a spectral wavetable morphing mode that removes unintended formant shifts from playing higher notes (like chipmunking) and allows you to control the amount of shift instead.

It pairs well with Vital's text-to-wavetable, but it sounds cool with other wavetables as well.
Physical modeling with a band-spread comb filter

Shepard tone wavetables
Sometimes you don't want your risers to end, so I added Shepard tone wavetables to Vital. I would have uploaded a 10hr video but I figure when Vital comes out you can generate it yourself.
Harmonic Stretch: Spectral morph mode for wavetables in Vital
This "Harmonic Stretch" mode scales harmonics up the frequency domain, leaving the fundamental where it is.
Effects UI design and colors (no sound)
Now that I've worked on the effect design/layout I can finally start playing with colors :D
Effects UI design and colors (no sound)
Now that I've worked on the effect design/layout I can finally start playing with colors :D
Spectral Time Skew
Added this 'Spectral Time Skew' oscillator effect that scrolls through your wavetable a different amount for every harmonic.
Hard to describe, but fun to experiment with!
Spectral oscillator warping + wavetable phase warping
Combining Vital's spectral oscillator warping with more standard wavetable phase warping. All sounds were made with the same waveframe (with no wavetable movement) to show how many different sounds you can get with pairs of warp modes.
Audio rate filter modulation with saw wave input
Modulating different filters with keytracked LFOs in Vital here. Just a saw wave at a constant pitch as input so all the sound you're hearing is mostly from the filter modulation.


"Create Your Own Wavetables
Turn your own samples into wavetables by using Vital's pitch-splice or vocode wavetable import options.

Create wavetables from scratch using the built-in wavetable editor. Interpolate single cycle waveforms, warp existing wavetables into new ones or even generate wavetables from text!

GPU Optimized Graphics
Get real-time synth feedback from Vital's wavetable, filter, LFO, envelope, and modulation animations that run at a clean 60 frames-per-second.

Vital motion blurs LFO and envelope animations to show those ultra fast modulations. All animations are GPU optimized which leaves your CPU to do its real job, the audio processing.

High Quality Oscillators
Generate clean sounds using Vital's oscillators that have an extremely low noise floor and have a sharp cutoff at Nyquist for almost no aliasing.

Worried about CPU usage? There are some clever SSE optimizations to keep the oscillators easy on your CPU, so crank up the unison on both oscillators!

Full Stereo Modulation Chain
Stereo modulate almost any control in Vital. Modulate filter cutoffs and resonances in opposite directions for your left and right ears. Tweak an envelope so the decay time varies in stereo.

If all the stereo modulation gets too crazy, blend it back to Dual-Mono mode and have both stereo channels playing their separate controls in the center for a full stacked sound."

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