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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

PM Foundations Voltage Controlled Clock

Randy Piscione

"This is a quick demo of a Eurorack-format Voltage-Controlled Clock from PM Foundations. You can find the Quantizer, VC Clock and reSEMble here:"

"This is a voltage controlled clock module to drive your synth sequencers and switches. All CMOS based, no microprocessor so it is easy to build and test.

There is a CV input so that the clock speed can be varied using a control voltage instead of, or as well as, the manual speed control.

If you are currently using a VCO or LFO as a clock generator, you can use this module to free that up.


This is a PCB and Panel set only. A set of 1 high quality PCB and 1 front panel ONLY are included. You will need to purchase your own components and build your own module. Comprehensive build instructions and BOMs are provided to help you source the components needed and we even provide links to shopping carts to simplify sourcing those components. Some product photos above show COMPLETED build.


Push start/stop switch
Rate adjustable over two ranges
Voltage control input 0-10V
Two clock outputs to save your multiples
Highly customizable - easily change ranges and output levels
4HP Eurorack with our panel
Build it yourself - This is a set of high-quality PCB and front panel ONLY for users who want to purchase their own components and build their own module. Some product photos above show COMPLETED build.

Comprehensive manuals, parts lists and component shopping carts are provided in the documentation link for building, testing and using the module.

Switch options for latching switch:

eSwitch LC1258EENP
Switch options for the momentary switch:

eSwitch LC1258OANP or LC1258OASP
But use the eSwitch caps only for all these items: Mouser 612-1R-xx

With the capacitor values suggested, the approximate clock frequencies are:

HI: 2 Hz to 64 Hz (with maximum VC input)
LO: 0.1 Hz to 5 Hz (with minimum VC input)
R14, R15 and/or trimmer R16 set the clock output pulse voltage level. The following options are suggested:

5V pulse: R14 = 1.8K, R15 = 1.5k, R16 OMITTED
10V pulse: R14 = 1.2K, R15 = 11k, R16 OMITTED
VARIABLE PULSE LEVEL: R14 = 1.5k, R15 OMITTED, R16 = 50k Trimmer"

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