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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Origins - Fundamental, Eurorack, VCV Rack, Felt Instruments

Omri Cohen

"The WAV file for this performance is available on my Patreon page -

Here are some patch notes:
- I recorded Fundamental into the Morphagene, and I'm playing it an octave lower. Morphagene is also going into VCV Rack for some reverb with Plateau.
- I recorded a different sound from Fundamental into Arbhar, and I have the built-in reverb set to output only the wet signal.
- I'm triggering the Basimilus with the 1U Noise Tools module set to random, and it's going through the VoicAS LedRover and the Mimeophon.
- The Rate of the Mimeophon is being modulated by the Slew output of the Noise Tools module, and I have the ping pong mode on and also the Flip function.
- I have a few piano notes recorded into Nebulae, and I'm playing them in reverse and very slowly. Nebulae is going into VCV Rack for some reverb.
- I have one Freak module loaded with Vraids, the alternative firmware with 2 Braids inside, and I'm using 2 Particle Cloud models and sending them to another Freak with a stereo band pass filter.
- I'm modulating the VCA of the Vraids Freak with the Noise Tools, and I'm modulating the cutoff point of each of the channels of the second Freak with a 2 random smooth signals coming from VCV Rack.
- I have a recording of Janso from Felt Instruments on Microcell and Magneto.
- I'm modulating the position of Microcell with an LFO from VCV Rack.
- Magneto is in Shift mode so I get some harmonics of the recorded sound.
- I added the flute after the recording of the main patch."

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