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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Korg Polysix: Second musings


First musings here

"I sat down with the Polysix again and just tried to come up with a few patches (well, just modifying the first patch I came up with). I don't really know how interesting this sort of thing is to people. I should be writing tracks, but I guess with new gear, it's sort of fun just figuring out what I think of it. The Polysix is so simple, 1 oscillator - really no manipulation of the sound through sync, ring mod, etc, but I find the breadth of things I can come up with are enough for me to enjoy it thoroughly.

I think part of what I like is just how quickly I can make changes. I get that this is what people like about the Juno's but I never warmed up to them on this level. I guess maybe after using the Roland SH-101 more, I'll be able to better decide if it's like a slider versus knob thing - but I've really enjoyed the SH-101 too... so I don't know if its that.

I think what I like (and maybe I could have done this on the Juno but just never did) is setting the Polysix in chord mode to get a mono mode - which sounds fantastic. As well as setting two notes in a chord and using that as my sound. It makes it pretty easy to get a 2-oscillator monosynth out of this and it sounds great. I don't really mind if my pads are single oscillator, but it's nice to get bass sounds or just lead parts with the chord mode. I think it comes out with this great sound. I know in the Polaris I can do a lot more, I can activate only one voice and have two oscillators, but that's a ton of work usually. You have to get into its settings to deactivate the other oscillators. If you decide to tune the oscillators (autotune) then it'll reactivate them. It doesn't save that information (actually, I don't think the Polysix saves chord mode data in the patch either, but it's still easy to set up).

I really like the FX section - I think they sound as good as the Roland Juno Chorus... but I guess I'm comparing it mostly to my JX-3P chorus, I don't know how similar they are.

Anyway, here you have it. Some sounds I made that may or may not be interesting to you..........."

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  1. I close my eyes and I can imagine there is a Tom Baker episode on television.



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