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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

New Sound Processing App Coming From the Maker of SynthScaper

Some new sound processing app from Igor Vasiliev on Vimeo.

This is a preview of the work of the first part of this app, which finds new fragments in the spectrum of the input signal, linking their appearance to the internal rhythm as much as possible. The parameters in the left corner are adjusted via self-balancing feedback. More details:

via Motion Soundscape

"I started working on a new audio processing application that will be a completely different type of sound effects. It is not even quite the sound effect as it is usually understood. It is something between a sound effect and a musical instrument or sound generator.

This application will also process the source signal, but unlike the usual audio effects, it does this based not on static parameter values, but on the basis of determining the internal structure of the input signal over time.

In classic sound effects, even if they dynamically react to changes in the amplitude or even the spectrum (which is much less common) of the signal, all processing is determined by a set of static parameters. It doesn't matter that these parameters can be changed by the LFO, since the LFO parameters are still static in relation to the structure of the input signal. In that effects, you know (mostly) how to change the input signal depending on the change in these parameters.

In my new app, signal processing will be determined by the time-varying structure of the signal itself.

This app analyzes the spectrum of the input signal and, based on statistical processing of data vectors and self-balanced feedbacks, reveals new fragments appearing in the input signal. Next, the fragments of the input signal will be reassembled in a different order by the genetic algorithms that will create the best (from their point of view) composition based on the contents of these fragments and some specified rules of creation the composition.

The result should be quite unusual. But this is not a mainstream effect. This is an app for pure creativity and experimentation. You influence the result not by the settings (although they will also be), but by the character and rhythm of the input signal.

Imagine that you can provide to the input both finished compositions and tracks, as well as mixes of sounds of various musical instruments (modular synths will be just great), sounds of nature and noises, and on the output will be a composition built from fragments of these sounds according to the new dynamic rules."

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