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Monday, August 10, 2020

ZXAV AV DJ App for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

ZXAV from Paul Grenfell on Vimeo.

This one is in via Paul Grenfell, the creator of ZXAV, who had the following to say about it:

"ZXAV is a tiny audio/visual DJing/VJing app for the 1980's home computer, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Intended for live performance, ZXAV uses the Spectrum’s 3 channel AY sound chip for audio output and the bitmap display for visual output.

The app features four independent sequencers:
1) Visual effects
2) Melody/arpeggio synth
3) 303-style bass synth
4) Drums and sounds effects

You can run the sequencers together in tight sync, or set them up with different speeds and lengths to create complex polyrhythms. All sequences and instruments can be edited live in real-time - ZXAV is built for jamming and is always in play mode.

The entire app is written in exactly 4 kilobytes (4096 bytes) of code - that's the equivelent of around 23 milliseconds of CD quality audio.

ZXAV is free software.

You can download the software from here:
To use it you'll need a ZX Spectrum emulator such as:"

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