MATRIXSYNTH: 2020/09 - Synth Programmer for Waldorf Microwave Demo

Saturday, September 26, 2020

2020/09 - Synth Programmer for Waldorf Microwave Demo


"Finally - the demo for the Stereoping Microwave Programmer - over 12 minutes full of short clips and subtitles - hopefully useful somehow. Up to 3:50 the sound only contains a non-related background music, the shown content did not have any valuable sound.

0:06 PREFS - Entering the Programmers PREFS mode, making changes to internal settings, automatic saving on exit
0:29 PATCH MODE - Entering PATCH mode, synchronisation of parameter data, stepping up/down through programs. Moving pots, display shows new and old value (in brackets), COMPARE and PEEK function
1:32 PARAMETER GROUPS - layout of Programmer's parameters in groups. Editing hidden parameters. WAVETABLE always available on encoder 4, solution for accessing the many WAVE ENV LEVELS/TIMES values with only 6 pots.
2:47 MODULATION MODE - how to edit the Microwave's modulation slots (normal and complex ones). Two dedicated pots for quickly setting VALUEs or ZEROing them out. Demoing the TEMP mode for direct change of modulation values through pots.
3:50 - EDITING SESSION, from here on the shown clips have sound. Starting with an INIT sound, the program is shaped into something nicer over 2 and 1/2 minute.
6:38 - RANDOMIZER - creating several sounds while changing the randomizers parameters. (Mind the volume, some aggressive sounds here)
8:12 - CHORD MEMO - playing with the 5 CHORD slots. Entering Chord SETUP to demo chord learning and STRUM.
9:30 - playing a pattern from a DAW, shaping a bass sound by Control Change messges making use of the Programmer's CC-to-SysEx translator

10:26 - MULTI MODE - finally a brief demo for the Programmer's MULTI mode. Please check the Programmer's PDF manual for details here.
#Waldorf #Microwave # Programmer # Editor"

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