Saturday, September 26, 2020

Korg MonoPoly w/ MIDI

via this auction

"This MonoPoly is fully functional. All of the pots and switches have been treated (Caig) and last week the main PSU smoothing capacitors were replaced (see owner's manual KLM-376-MP, C13/14 etc.). The PSU rails (+/-15V and +5V) have been recalibrated to within the manufacturer's original tolerance and the ripple per rail has been measured to be <10 mV. When I first got my MonoPoly, the front panel screws had rusted, or the surface finish on them had worn off, so I replaced them with button headed socket screws (2.5 mm, see pictures). I have fitted a MIDI interface (MidiPoly, instruction manual/details will be emailed to the winning bidder). This has been done without altering the original instrument, except that now the rear mains subpanel has an IEC mains inlet fitted (rather than a flying lead), with 5 pin DIN MIDI in and out sockets immediately adjacent to it. The front panel (this one is in good condition) is not modified in any sense (no additional switches or controls, for example). All of the original MonoPoly's functions are kept but fitting the MIDI interface adds the following functions:

# Key notes are sent and received as MIDI on the selected MIDI channel

# VCOs can be triggered individually by velocity

# Notes generated by the arpeggiator are also sent as MIDI

# Received Pitch Bend MIDI data alter pitch bend

# Received Modulation CC MIDI messages alter filter cutoff

# Received Portamento Time CC MIDI messages switch portamento on/off

# A new sample and hold modulation can be routed

# Keyboard action is significantly improved

# the EFFECTS button now does not reset the key assign mode to unison

# Arpeggio can be synced to MIDI clock"

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